November 2014 News

4 November 2014

In this November edition of the Engineerica Newsletter we are announcing the release of AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015, welcome you to learn about what's new in AccuSQL/AccuTrack 2015, invite your organization to try AccuClub for membership tracking, provide another helpful Accudemia Tech Tip, and much more!

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Here is an index of the topics: 


AccuTrack and AccuSQL 2015 Released!


The Engineerica team is delighted to announce the release of the 2015 version of AccuTrack and AccuSQL!  This release is the result of a great deal of careful planning and programming as well as many contributions from our customers.  We are anxious to show you all of the wonderful new features so we are offering two webinars titled, “What’s New in AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015”.  Sign up for one of these webinars using the link provided below and be the first to see this new release!  For our Platinum Support Subscribers, this exemplary new release is complimentary.

The What's new in AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015 webinar dates and times:

  • Friday November 21, 2014 at 11:00 AM Eastern time
  • Monday November 24, 2014 at 4:00 PM Eastern time

Please use this form to sign-up for your preferred session. We will also be recording the webinars, so you will be able to review them later on our YouTube channel.

AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015 Platinum Upgrade Request:

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What’s New in AccuSQL and AccuTrack 2015?

By - NOVEMBER 1, 2014

  • Quick Panel Application - This standalone application is included in AccuTrack 2015 and AccuSQL 2015 and allows student support personnel like advisors and counselors to focus their efforts on one student at a time with many functions located right on the panel. Users can see students waiting, sign students in and out, view session logs for the student they are meeting with, edit the log, add comments to the log, and even complete session questionnaires without ever leaving the Quick Panel.
  • Success Plans – Allows you to create Action Items or Action Packages to assign for student success. Items can be assigned to individual students or student groups to monitor their progress.
  • Individual Educational Action Plan Report – Allows you to quickly view the students with Action Item or Action Package assignments. You can see assign date, deadline, completion rate, and if the items were completed.
  • Profile Assignments per Local Lab – You can now create different profile (student demographics) questions and answers on a per lab basis and also query the profile answers per lab.
  • Student Profile Reports for Current Lab – Allows you to run profile reports directly for the Local Lab to which your AccuTrack or AccuSQL program is currently set.
  • Custom Feedback Surveys per Local Lab – You can now publish custom surveys specific to your Local Labs.
  • Custom Surveys can now be presented to students and/or tutors via Web Gateway.
  • Standalone Waiting List Application – This standalone application is included in AccuTrack 2015 and AccuSQL 2015 and allows you to display students waiting in the intake system or Activity Waiting List on a screen. Uses configurable xml and css file formats.
  • Registration by Student Group – Automatically register all students to an activity from a student group.
  • Custom Feedback Surveys for Specific Student Groups - You can now publish custom surveys that will appear only for students assigned to one or more student groups.
  • Intake System Filter Staff by Activity – You can now filter the staff list in the Intake System for only staff that have the selected activity assignment, or show all staff.
  • Intake System button - Can now be shown or hidden on the main sign in screen.
  • Activities with Session Report – Shows students’ “By Activity” report data including any session comments, if any, recorded by staff.
  • Manual Sign-in – Added the ability to manually sign in students from one or more Student Groups.
  • Custom Survey Report – Now includes more features including the ability to save as PDF, or email.
  • New Report Sort Features – Ability to sort reports on students’ last name or first name and/or tutors last name or first name.
  • Seminar Registration by Student Groups – Allows only students in one or more student groups to be able to register for seminars.
  • Auto Register for an activity – You can decide whether you want students to automatically be registered for an activity they have signed into or not.
  • Search Enhancements – Added new options for searching for students and tutors using the binocular icon. Can now search by ID and other values.
  • Edit Sign-in Logs – Added the ability to edit sign in logs to assign the records to a local lab.
  • Password for Computer Lab – You can now require either a Student ID or an ID and password to log into the Computer Lab Plugin as a student.
  • Computer Lab Plugin Reports – Reports can now be filtered by Local Lab ID.
  • Session Questionnaire Report – Now includes the distinct number of students included in the results.
  • Increased ID Length - Support for student IDs and secondary card IDs up to 40 characters.
  • Bulk Activate/Inactivate – Added the ability to set some or all Students to active or inactive from the Students screen.
  • Secondary Card ID – Added to Weekly Student Time and Weekly Student Visits reports.
  • ID View – Added the ability to show or hide Student IDs on the Intake System, Activity Waiting List, Sign in Logs, and/or Who’s In screens.
  • Customize Menu – Changes to the main admin menu can now be rolled back to the default settings.
  • And more!

For more details about the new features that include screenshots click here.

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Using the AccuSQL/AccuTrack 2015 Waiting List Feature

By - NOVEMBER 1, 2014

New for AccuTrack 2015 and AccuSQL 2015, we have built a Waiting List display program to make it easy for students and staff to see where they are in line in either the Intake System or Activity Waiting List. The Waiting List can be displayed on a monitor in your center and updates the list in real time. If you are a busy center and would like to control your student sign-ins, then this feature should be a real benefit for you.

The Intake System puts student in line when they sign in and then they are called from that line as staff are ready to see them, at which time they are signed in by the staff using the Students in Line feature in the AccuSQL/AccuTrack Tutor Pad or from the new Quick Panel program, also included with the AccuSQL 2015 and AccuTrack 2015 software suite.

The Activity Waiting List enables you to determine the maximum number of students that can be signed into any particular activity at any given time as defined in the Max Students value specified for the activity. When the maximum number has been reached, students are placed in the Activity Waiting List until seats are freed up for the activity at which time they are able to sign in.

Note: For more information about the Intake System or Activity Waiting List, please see the Reference Manual, available by clicking Help Center -> Software Manuals from your AccuSQL or AccuTrack software.

Configuring the Waiting List

The Waiting List includes 1) an xml file used to control the number of rows you displayed in the list, the refresh frequency, the marquee text to display and the position of the display itself and 2) A cascading style sheet (css) file used to configure the Waiting List look and feel.

Once you have modified the xml file and css file as desired, you will need to sign some students in with either the AccuSQL/AccuTrack Intake System or Activity Waiting List enabled.

Now go to the folder where AccuSQL or AccuTrack is installed and open the WaitList.exe file to display your Waiting List.

AccuTrack, AccuSQL, Waiting List, AccuTrack 2015, AccuSQL 2015, Intake System

As students are signed in by admins, staff, or front desk workers, are signed out, or are removed from the list in AccuSQL or AccuTrack, the Waiting List will be updated in real time, based on your defined refresh frequency.

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