** New: Student Engagment and Retention Software **

4 May 2015

We are pleased to announce AccuCampus, a new system designed to increase student engagement through collaboration, management, and assessment of student resources. AccuCampus is cloud-based software, which means there is no need to worry about acquiring servers, installing software, and using up your IT resources. Actually the only thing you need to use AccuCampus is a web-browser.

To create AccuCampus we put together an amazing team that includes top notch software developers and a state college educator with 8 years of experience focused on student success and retention strategies in higher education. We also utilized the feedback from hundreds of educators at academic institutions using our academic software applications and our 20-year of experience in the field. All of this lead to the creation of a powerful and unique solution for student tracking and retention.

Try AccuCampus this Summer

We just released the first version of AccuCampus and we are looking for testers to help us improve it. There is no cost nor obligation; all we ask is that you give us feedback on this new system to help us improve it. Testing AccuCampus offers you many advantages:

  1. You will be among the first to see and experience this new system.
  2. You will get to try it out for the entire summer semester without any cost or obligation.
  3. You will get to influence the final software by suggesting improvements and new features.
  4. You will get complimentary assistance from our implementation team to help you with the system.
  5. You will be entered to win an Apple iPad mini. The more feedback you give, the better your chances are of winning!

For more information on joining the AccuCampus testing team, simply email info@newsite.engineerica.com.


P.S. This is invitation-only trial is limited to ten academic institutions and is only available for the summer of 2015 semester. If you are interested, please respond ASAP to guarantee your spot on the team.