New Release of Tracking and Retention Solution – AccuCampus

4 October 2017

AccuCampus, the latest product from veteran student tracking company Engineerica, has been updated with several major capabilities, including an AI module for predicting at-risk students, a custom query engine, a student analytics dashboard, and more.

AccuCampus is an all-in-one tracking and retention system for colleges and universities. The system is designed from the ground up to engage, track, and retain students.  AccuCampus can be used at any academic resource at the college such as the classroom, library, advising, and tutoring.  It is currently being used by colleges across the country for tracking and retaining students.

AccuCampus features a mobile app for Android and Apple devices.  This app guides students to discover appropriate campus resources to help them with their various needs.  When a student zooms in on a specific resource, the app will allow them to schedule an appointment or simply walk-in for assistance.  The mobile app can also be used for recording attendance.  Bluetooth beacons are utilized as part of the class attendance feature to allow students to sign in on their own mobile devices.

To further support mobile users, AccuCampus now utilizes responsive web design.  This allows it to run on environments ranging from wide-screen desktop monitor to a smart phone.  This makes AccuCampus accessible to students, faculty, and staff from anywhere and at any time.

The recently added AI module utilizes new machine learning algorithms to assess each student's risk level based on demographic data, academic information, and behavior in the AccuCampus system. From there the algorithm determines a risk level for each student.  The intelligent algorithm is unique for each college or university. Once a student's risk level is assessed, existing features behind the scenes can automatically reach out to the students and refer them to the needed resources on or off campus.

The calculated student risk score is visible on the new student dashboard.  All relevant information about the student is easily viewable for a complete and useful snapshot. This includes student contact info, enrollment, and recent tracking data. Having this information at a staff member's fingertips saves time and allows the staff to focus on working productively with students.

Another newfeature is the custom queries engine. This engine allows authorized staff to access the data collected with AccuCampus directly.  While AccuCampus built-in reports provide users with the most commonly needed information, the new query engine allows them to customize reports at a granular level.

These new features are just some of the many that institutions are utilizing to increase their student retention and engagement goals in a system which can be used by virtually any student service. College and university staff wishing to learn more about how AccuCampus can benefit their institution can see more information and sign up for a complimentary consultation by visiting