7 May 2014

We are excited to announce a new consulting service to AccuTrack / AccuSQL users. As you know, AccuTrack and AccuSQL are essentially blank canvases for tracking and reporting student use of services and resources. This empowers you with the ability to create nearly any tracking configuration for your needs. But how do you create best practices within your implementation of AccuTrack or AccuSQL? To help you figure this out, we now offer consultations for various implementation scenarios that are focused on retention and student success. Several consultation topics are available including:

  • Student Success Solutions: Implementation of AccuTrack / AccuSQL in an institutional wide structure where student success is the primary focus.
  • Traffic Flow Solutions: Implementation where traffic is of concern.  For example: admissions, orientation, registration and advising.
  • Paperless Office: Implementation with a goal to reduce the use of paper and increase the security of student data.
  • Meeting Grant Objectives: Implementation that will collect data and manage students all within the parameters of grant objectives.
  • TRiO Reporting Solutions: Using existing AccuTrack/AccuSQL implementations to streamline required reports for TRiO programs. 

Make the most of your AccuTrack / AccuSQL investment by booking one or more of the above online and onsite consultations.  For more information please visit this webpage: