The NEW Accudemia 5.1 Update – Performance, Features, & Enhancements

15 September 2016

We have taken submissions from you through our Accudemia User Voice website to offer customizations that everyone wanted to see in the latest version 5.1 of Accudemia.

We have improved performance now as the processing of large import files have been improved. Reports speed has been improved using better querying methods, and password encryption has been enhanced for improved security.  Many new features as well which include Accudemia Data eXchange (ADX) scheduled exports, the ability to ask students whether or not to report the session to instructors, and much more!  Below is a list of all the enhancements:



Imports of large files has been improved  by using a new algorithm that breaks the file into larger pieces for the server to process that makes it faster!

Pulling reports have never been faster at the speed it takes to generate reports as the report engine has been optimized!

Password encryption has been enhanced to improve security!

Centers edit screen now hides the courses tab when more than 5000 courses are registered in the Center which makes it load much faster.


New Features:

Accudemia Data eXchange (ADX): It now supports scheduled exports of your data from Accudemia. Click here for more information.

Communication: Contact your administrator feature has been added.

Export: Last 7 days session logs export added.

Export: Last 7 days appointments export added.

iAccu: When a student swipes his card (or his barcodes is scanned) it can now check online to find out if he's signing-in or out so you do not have to select it.

iAccu: Appointments' no-show status is updated in real-time when the device is set to use "live upload" mode.

Information: An about screen has been added.

Reports: Appointments with Comments report has been added.

Reports: Attendance by Class report added.

Reports: Attendance by Class with Logs report added.

Reports: Student Usage report added.

Reports: Tutor Activity report added.

Sign-in station: Students can now choose if they want their visit to be reported to the their instructors.


Appointments: Add an option to prevent students from accessing the appointments wizard.

Appointments: Appointments wizard now allows the creation of recurring appointments by clicking over the slots.

Appointments: Allow appointments administrators to by-pass validations when making appointments.

Appointments: Prevent users that are not appointment administrators from cancelling, re-scheduling or editing appointments starting less than X minutes ahead.

Appointments: New by Date and New by Tutor screens now show the courses the selected student is enrolled in (if the system is set to use enrollment).

Appointments: New by Tutor screens now auto select course with the filtered one.

Appointments: Added Microsoft Outlook / Google Calendar (iCal) integration to email notifications.

Appointments: New by Date and New by Tutor search filters changed. When center is selected related courses are filtered.

Appointments: No-show restrictions can now be set per center.

Appointments: The details column in the appointments list now shows if the appointment was made by by-passing validations.

Appointments: New setting to hide tutors filter from the New by Tutor screen has been added.

Appointments: New setting to disable appointments scheduling per center has been added.

Centers: Setting to make all courses available has been added. This setting can also be imported. Click here for more information.

Courses: Setting to make a course available to all students has been added. This setting can also be imported. Click here for more information.

Courses: Setting to make a course available in all centers has been added. This setting can also be imported. Click here for more information.

Export: Added birthdate column to the students export.

Export: Added active column to the tutors export.

Export: Added term column to class export.

Export: Subject areas's prefix and code are now exported in different columns.

Export: Appointment ID and Session Log ID added to appointments and logs exports.

Intake System: Student ID is now shown in the Students Waiting and Students In grids.

Intake System: Students in the waiting line can add their comments.

Intake System: Course column has been added to the Students Waiting and the Students In grids

Intake System: Added a button to put a student back in the waiting line. This enables the administrator to edit the tutor the student was waiting for.

Intake System: Added options to show tutors (scheduled, signed-in, all).

Referrals: Instructions field has been added in templates and shown in referrals. Page title and description are now sent on the notification e-mail.

Referrals: Users can now choose if they want students to be notified of a referral follow-up.

Referrals: Email notifications reformatted.

Reports: Services column added to Attendance by Tutor and Attendance by Instructor Report.

Reports: Users can now set the system to show alternate ID on reports (instead of default ID).

Reports: Added positive hours to Visits by Instructor report.

Reports: Users can now hide the services column in the Attendance By Instructor Report.

Reports: More filters added to many of the reports in Accudemia.

Security: Added new role 'Edit Tutor Session Logs'.

Sign-in station: Enable alternate ID sign-in/out for users that are both tutors and students.

station: Students names can now be shown/hidden via settings.

Tutors' session logs now have the option to "Don't sign them out when maximum sign-in period has been exceeded."  Tutors that did not sign-out are signed-out at the end of the day.

Tutor Registrations: Subject areas' code and prefix were added to the tutor registrations grid.

Tutors Schedule: A new setting has been added to set the default value for max. attendees.

Tutors Schedule: A new setting has been added to set the default value for max # of attendees.

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