May 2013 News

30 April 2013

Welcome to the May 2013 edition of the Engineerica newsletter.  In this issue we are announcing the release of AccuClass, AccuTrack 13 beta testing news, an updated blog look, and showing you how to create user groups from demographic data imports in Accudemia!  Here is an index of the topics:

New Classroom Attendance Software!

We are excited to announce the release of one of our most anticipated products in recent years!  AccuClass is the solution you have been seeking for tracking classroom attendance. 

AccuClass Call the Roll Screen (click on image to enlarge)

AccuClass Attendance Sheet Screen (click on image to enlarge)

Even more good news: at this time AccuClass is offered for free!  We are seeking feedback to improve the software, so initially we are going to offer the software absolutely free in return for feedback!  Know someone who could benefit from an automated classroom attendance tracking system?  Please forward them this message.

For more information or to sign up for the complimentary account, please visit the AccuClass website.

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Help Wanted:  AccuTrack / AccuSQL 13 Beta Testers

We are very excited about the upcoming release of AccuTrack / AccuSQL.  This release includes significant improvements including:

  1. Support for using Apple devices (iPod touch, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhones) for recording attendance.  This is handy for occasions where you need to track attendance in places that do not have a sign-in computer (e.g. capturing attendance at events, graduation, athletic games, etc.)
  2. Completely redesigned AccuTR (Task Runner).  This ensure reliable launching of scheduled tasks such as automatic imports, scheduled reports, appointment reminders, automatic sign-outs, etc.
  3. Much improved system administration menu.
  4. New graphical look for AccuTrack, AccuSQL and AccuSL.
  5. And much, much more!

We are planning a test release (beta software) of version 13 later this month.  Let us know if you want to join the beta testing team.  This allows you to be among the first to experience the new features and to provide feedback that could influence the final form of version 13.

New System Administration Screen (click on image to enlarge)

If you would like to participate in beta testing of version 13, please e-mail

-Mon Nasser, CEO

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Nominate us for the University Business 2013 Top Product Award

Nominations are now open for the 2013 University Business Readers' Choice Top Products Award!  This year we want to do even better by not only earning the award for AccuTrack, but we would like to receive the award for Accudemia, AccuSQL, or AccuLite!  So this is a call to action: Please visit the University Business Magazine website to nominate your Engineerica product.  You can also click the link below:

[button] Nominate a Product
Winners will be featured in the January 2014 issue of University Business, along with portions of testimonials describing their impact.  Here's to seeing Engineerica's products at the top of the list!

-Mon Nasser, CEO

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The Accudemia Blog is more than just Beautiful

How long has it been since you have checked out our Accudemia blog?  Recently our lead developer, Diego Jancic, created a stunning new look for the blog posts.  Even with the new look, the Accudemia Blog always has the latest news and helpful information on setting up Accudemia, recently updated features, and technical guides.  Recent articles include topics like: Google Calendar + Accudemia, Guest Sign-On Now Available, Accudemia Webinar–Generating Reports!, and more.  If you have not already checked out these articles I would recommend doing so.  Expect more tremendous content and articles to come in the future.

-Nick Armstrong, Support Representative

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AccuLite 6.0.2 Update released

We have recently released an update to AccuLite 6. The latest version is AccuLite 6.0.2. AccuLite 6.0.2 includes some changes to the look of the software, a new background, and some minor bug fixes. The major new feature in 6.0.2, however, is the ability to import student groups. With the student ID number and the group name in the import file, you can create and add students to groups automatically. Student groups are a powerful tool in AccuLite since you can use those groups to filter your reports. Let’s say you have a group of students that you would like to put in an “At Risk” group and also groups for your Freshmen and Sophomores. You would have an import file that looks something like this:

222222222,At Risk
333333333,At Risk
444444444,At Risk

In this example three students are imported in the At Risk group, two in the Freshmen group, and three in the Sophomores group. Also notice some of the students are in more than one group. The student with an ID of 222222222 for example, is in the At Risk and Freshmen group.
Created groups are viewed in the Student Groups screen:

Student Groups Screen (Click to enlarge)

And in Reports, you can select the group you want to use for a report filter. In this case, the Visits by Student report is selected to see who has come in this week. Also, using the ”Only show this group” filter, the At Risk group is selected.

Reports Screen (Click to enlarge)

This report will show all of the students that have come in this week that are members of the At Risk group.

Visits by "At Risk" Students Report (Click to enlarge)

If you are an AccuLite 6 customer and would like to update to the latest version, contact us. If you are not an AccuLite customer, you can find out what AccuLite can do for your center.

-David Foster, Support Manager

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Tech Tip: Get useful reports using Student Demographics!

Did you know that you can generate groups from your student's import file!  While you are creating the ADX student profile import and formatting your headers with the appropriate @Profile (1,1); @Profile(1,2); etc. you can also map them to be entered as new groups (only one column at a time though).  In this example I have a normal student import with profile information and I would normally not map any of the profile fields.  This is where we discovered you can actually map one of them and it will update an existing group or create a new one.  Here is a screenshot of the mappings in ADX:

From this mapping ADX found 2 user groups male and female based off the 1st profile question.

You can optionally remove people in the groups that are not on the import.  If it is a new group it will not matter if this is selected.

From there just finish the building the job and run the import and now you have new groups based off a field in your demographic information.

Now it will be available from you to possibly find out the ratio of male to female students visiting your center.  Quickly you can imagine how many different groups you could start to track using this method.  This can be done with any of the profile information you import into Accudemia.  Just repeat the process changing the mapping to the column you want to create a new set of groups.

-Nick Armstrong, Support Representative

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