March 2015 News

3 March 2015

Engineerica Systems, Inc. - Celebrating 20 years of excellence!The Engineerica Newsletter is action-packed this month with new mobile software for AccuTrack 2015 and AccuSQL 2015; conferences that are all over the globe, AccuTrack Video Learning Series, Accudemia Tech tips and more! 


Here is an index of the topics:

New Mobile options for AccuTrack and AccuSQL 2015

Do you feel tethered to your desk while helping students?  Would you rather be free to walk about the center?  If so, we have good news for you!  We are working on new mobile module for AccuTrack / AccuSQL.  With this module, tutors and advisor will be able to perform common tasks from a tablet instead of a full-size computer or laptop.  Even better news: this module will run on a $68 tablet!  Yes that's not a typo: you can order the tablets that will run the AccuTrack / AccuSQL software for only $68/each!

Mobile Options for AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015

The new mobile module will enable advisors and tutors to do the following tasks: 

  1. View their appointments for the day.
  2. View the center's waiting list.
  3. See who's signed in the center.
  4. Sign in a student from the waiting list or outside of it.
  5. Enter session notes.
  6. Schedule new appointments for the student.
  7. Sign the student out.
  8. Edit sign-in log. 

All from their $68 tablet!

The mobile module is scheduled for release in early April.  If you are interested in trying this module, please email  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Conferences here, there, and everywhere!

Thank you to all of our Conference Tracker users who make the software come to life for many of their conferences.  We have several different clients across the globe that use Conference Tracker including Chiropractic conferences, Product Showcases, mandatory training sessions, and more.  In the next week we have our first conference in Australia.  We would also like to thank the Florida Chiropractic Physicians' Association, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, and Florida Chiropractic Society for returning to use our Conference Tracker software.   Visit our Conference Tracker Facebook page to learn more...

If you would like more information about ordering Conference Tracker for your next conference please contact us.

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New AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2015 Video Learning Series

We have been working hard recording new videos for AccuSQL 2015 and AccuTrack 2015. These videos are topic based and present the setup and usage of various components throughout the system.

They will soon be available in the PDF Reference Manual, accessible from System Administration -> Help Center -> Software Manuals in AccuSQL 2015 or AccuTrack 2015.  If you can't wait, you can also view them directly on our YouTube channel at

If there is a particular topic not listed that you would like to see included in the Video Learning Series, please let us know by emailing us at

David Foster

Support Manager

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AccuTrack/AccuSQL Tech Tip - Silent Installs

If you are required to install AccuSQL, AccuTrack, or the Computer Lab Plug-in on multiple PCs, you can automate that process using a "silent install" approach.  This approach can significantly cut down on deployment time and resources.  The following example demonstrates silently installing AccuSQL 2015 and the SQL Server native connectivity client specific to the Operating System architecture, and then using XCOPY to transfer the folders/files that among other things contain the encrypted database connection parameters.

This example will be using a bat file and a VBS file to accomplish the above.  If you are using PDQ Deploy, Silent Install Builder, or the like, you can accomplish the same goals, probably easier. I find it satisfying to accomplish this task using only files created in Notepad, but maybe that’s just me. Find out more by reviewing the AccuSQL/AccuTrack Tech Tips Silent Install article.

David Foster

Support Manager