March 2014 News

10 March 2014

Welcome to the March 2014 Edition of the Engineerica Newsletter!


This month's Engineerica monthly update includes tales from conferences past, a new Advisor Quick Panel beta-test, tips on how to back-up your ADX import jobs, and much more!

A whale of a tale - Conference Tracker is Ship-Shape!


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At a recent conference in the churning waters of International Drive, our Conference Tracker software was put to the test and truly shown her mettle.  She handled the swash-buckling attendee's sign-ins and sign-outs like no other.  She has the arteries of Apple devices using iConf pumping information constantly to her heart at keeping track of every coming and goings of the attendees at the conference workshops.

Added to a mighty list of features is Online Registration with online payments directly through PayPal.

This software is the standard for tracking attendees at your conferences.  If ye don't heed my words matey, just listen to this video testimonial from our last Conference:

Check out the new Conference Tracker Facebook!

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Accudemia Tech Tip: Backing up your ADX configurations

AccuTrack / AccuSQL Training in Orlando, FL

MAR. 21, 2014

We had another successful AccuTrack and AccuSQL training session in Orlando on March 20th & 21st, 2014.  Here are some photos from the training:

If you missed it, we conduct these training sessions about 3-4 times a year and if your institution is on a Platinum Support Plan this entitles you to 2 FREE seats for your center admins to join us.  Why not take advantage of it?  This event is always a very productive and enlightening occasion, both for our trainees as well as for us here at Engineerica.  You can find out all about the training format details here:

To reserve your seat for the next session, sign up using our online registration form available at  We require a fully refundable deposit from you to guarantee your seat.  The deposit is refunded when you show up for our training.

Please contact us if you any additional questions. We hope to see you at the next AccuTrack/AccuSQL training!

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