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2 July 2014

In this month's release of the newsletter we ask for beta testers for AccuTrack/AccuSQL's Engineerica Systems, Inc. - Celebrating 20 years of excellence!Waiting List & Quick Panel, provide you steps to implement SSO with Web Gateway, show hidden features in Accudemia, and more!  Here is an index of the topics: 


Try our new Waiting List Marquee &
Quick Panel for AccuTrack and AccuSQL

By - JULY 1, 2014

If you use either the Intake System or Activity Waiting List feature in AccuTrack or AccuSQL to control the intake of your students, we have great news for you: we developed software that will project the waiting list on a secondary monitor such as an LCD TV you may have setup in your waiting area.  The Marquee uses a web browser window to make it possible for students in the waiting list to view their place in line or how many students are ahead of them if they have not signed in to the intake system.  Using this option, students will not need to access the Intake System or Activity Waiting List option in AccuTrack or AccuSQL itself to get this information; it will be right in front of them.

Here is a sneak peek. In this example, there are 13 people waiting in an Advising Center:

The screen will automatically rotate views to show all the people in the list:

The Quick Panel then can help you manage those students in the intake system easily and perform all the functions from one interface.  This will cut down on the time it normally takes to navigate around AccuTrack or AccuSQL performing various functions such as editing session comments, completing session questionnaires, viewing the students' logs, viewing their registration and more.  Watch the video we recorded to show all the functions of the Quick Panel as well as illustrating the typical workflow of navigating through the Quick Panel.

If any of these add-on programs sound like something that
might be helpful at your center contact us for a complimentary test copy.  You must have AccuTrack or AccuSQL 2014. Simply send an e-mail to support@accutrack.org.

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