July 2013 News

28 June 2013

Welcome to the July 2013 edition of the Engineerica newsletter.  In this issue we want to remind you this is your last chance to sign-up for our July Orlando Training, announce the release of iConf Leads for you Apple device, offer Accudemia/AccuTrack Tech Tips, and more!  Here is an index of the topics:

Last chance to join the July 25 & 26 AccuTrack Training in Orlando, Florida!

This is your last opportunity to join us for our AccuTrack and AccuSQL training session in Orlando on July 25 & 26, 2013. We need you to register ASAP if you would like to join us to learn all more about the software and get your questions answered.  It is also a great opportunity to discuss how your various centers operate with your peers.

This event is always a very productive and enlightening occasion, both for our trainees as well as for us here at Engineerica. The training sessions here are always FREE for our current Platinum Support members, so if you have that plan with us, why not take advantage of it?

To reserve your seat today, sign up using our online registration form available at http://www.newsite.engineerica.com/training-registration, or if you prefer, call us at 321-214-0012 to register.  We require a fully refundable deposit from you to guarantee your seat.  The deposit is refunded when you show up for our training.

You can find out all about the training here: http://www.newsite.engineerica.com/orlando-training

Please contact us if you any additional questions. We hope to see you in the training!

-David Foster, Training & Support Manager

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If you have not tried AccuClass, try it now!

Taking attendance is easier than ever. By using AccuClass, roll call becomes hasslefree, paperless and done in real time.  AccuClass gives you the ability to build detailed reports for classes or students, print attendance sheets instantly and best of all it can be fully customized to meet your needs.  Also, you can roll call from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or have the students sign in by using a QR code or swiping an ID card with a magnetic strip.

Give AccuClass a try, the first semester is completely free!
Having Trouble viewing the video below? Watch the Video here>

Sign up for an AccuClass Account here and then download the companion App here.

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iConf Leads now available at the App Store!

"What is iConf Leads?" you might ask.  iConf Leads is another companion to our popular Conference Tracker software.  Unlike iConf which exist only to assist Conference Tracker with signing attendees in and out of your conference you use iConf Leads to capture sales leads at events, trade shows, or conferences.

iConf Leads will convert your Apple device into a portable lead retrieval device!  Simply scan the attendee's conference badge to capture the contact information.  Then if you would like you can quickly add notes to that lead you just scanned.  Captured leads can be viewed online, printed, or exported out to an Excel file for easy import into other programs.

For more information about the software and to see screenshots of iConf Leads in action please visit our iConf Leads App Store page.

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AccuTrack / AccuSQL 13 Beta Testing Begins

We are very excited about the upcoming release of AccuTrack / AccuSQL.  This release includes significant improvements including:

  1. Support for using Apple devices (iPod touch, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhones) for recording attendance.  This is handy for occasions where you need to track attendance in places that do not have a sign-in computer (e.g. capturing attendance at events, graduation, athletic games, etc.)
  2. Completely redesigned AccuTR (Task Runner).  This ensure reliable launching of scheduled tasks such as automatic imports, scheduled reports, appointment reminders, automatic sign-outs, etc.
  3. Much improved system administration menu.
  4. New graphical look for AccuTrack, AccuSQL and AccuSL.
  5. And much, much more!

With some last minute kinks ironed out we have sent out copies of our AccuTrack/AccuSQL 13(beta version).  This testing process will allow us to connect with our users and see their reactions when they experience the new features and they will help to provide feedback that could influence the final form of version 13.  Let us know if you want to join the beta testing team.  Below is another sneak peak at the revamped layout and look.

New AccuSQL 13 Sign-in Screen (click on image to enlarge)

If you would like to participate in beta testing of version 13, please e-mail support@accutrack.org.

-Mon Nasser, CEO

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Accudemia & AccuTrack/AccuSQL Tech Tip

Using the Intake System

The intake system is a powerful tool that can be used in either of our Center Management software packages, Accudemia and AccuTrack/AccuSQL.  The purpose of the intake system is to control the flow of students signing into your center.  Let’s say you have only a handful of staff/tutors and a busy center/office full of students wanting to see those staff/tutors.  Intake System is the solution you have that will allow you to pair the next student in line with the first available tutor/staff member.  It’s easy to setup and manage!  Below are articles on how to do this in both Accudemia and AccuTrack/AccuSQL.

Accudemia Setup & Man

  1. To enable the Intake System and manage the students in the queue click on the Intake System under Center Attendance on the leftside navigation panel.
  2. Once you get there, you will notice a list of all your Centers.  Each of the Centers that have the Intake System already enabled will be filled in with a hue from red to green color.  The intensity of the red or green indicates how busy the center's Intake System is based on the range of bright red being very long waiting times and bright green being short wait times.  To enable the Intake System on a center that has no color simply click on it from this screen.
  3. Once the Intake System is enabled and you click on it, you will access the Intake System dashboard.  From here you will be able to:
    • Sign-in Students:  Pair the student and the tutor by clicking on each and then clicking the Sign-in Student button.
    • Remove a Student from the Line:  Click the Remove from Line button to remove a student from the queue that may have left or no longer need assistance.
    • Change Waiting Line: This option allows you to change to another Center's Intake System.
    • Disable Waiting Line: This option allows you to disable this Center from using the Intake System.

To view larger sample image click somewhere on the image above.

AccuTrack/AccuSQL Setup & Management

  1. To enable the Intake System from the System Administration screen go to Setup and the Options Section in the tree.

    (Click screenshot above for larger image)

  2. Once there, click the Sign-in Screen section on the leftside navigation.
  3. On this menu place a check into the checkbox labeled "Turn Intake System on."  Then click the Save button.
    (Click screenshot above for larger image)
  4. Then click on the Intake System button to manage the queue.

    (Click screenshot above for larger image)
  5. Once the Intake System is enabled and you click on it, you will access the Intake System dashboard.  From here you will be able to:
    1. Refresh the Intake System Queue:  Just in case you are allowing tutors to sign-in students or using multiple PCs to manage the Intake System this refreshes the screen.
    2. Sign-in Students:  Pair the student and the tutor by clicking on each and then clicking the Sign-in Student button.
    3. Remove a Student from the Line:  Click the Remove from Line button to remove a student from the queue that may have left or no longer need assistance.
    4. Close Form: This option allows you to exit the Intake System dashboard.

(Click screenshot above for larger image) Additionally, If enabled in the Setup>Options you can also access the screen above from the Sign-in screen.

This feature can be very helpful when managing a line of students and I hope that this article can help you get the most of your software.

-Nicholas Armstrong, Training & Support Coordinator

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