January 2014 News

15 January 2014

Welcome to the January 2014 edition of the Engineerica Newsletter!


New and improved look with the same commitment to keep you up-to-date on all the latest software updates, new releases, and company news!

Accudemia Awarded Reader's Choice Top Product

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Conference Tracker App - New Release

JAN. 15, 2014

After reading many of the software suggestions posted on the newly created conftrac.uservoice.com we have implemented some major improvements in this release of iConf version 1.7 update.  Here is a list of the improvements:

  • Camera Flash Control (auto, on, off) - This will help prevent glare if you are scanning badges in a laminate case and save your Apple devices battery while scanning if used.

  • Turn off AutoSleep - This will help prevent device from sleeping when scanning barcodes.  The user can always hit the power button to make it sleep when done scanning.
  • iOS 7 native compatibility - Changes have been made so that the app runs in iOS 7 natively.
  • Push notifications added - This allows you to send a message to an operator that may be having issues scanning Attendees in to workshops.
  • Many more Bug fixes- Work was done to fix all bugs known at this time to the iConf app.

Visit the Apple store to find out more about iConf.

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Conference Tracker Webinar 

Special Invitation: Join us for an informative webinar to see what Conference Tracker can do for you! Space is limited, so register soon!

We are celebrating the release of the new and improved Conference Tracker software. See for yourself why everyone is making the switch to Conference Tracker.

Let Conference Tracker simplify your needs:

  • Quick and easy attendance tracking.
  • Conference Badge generation. –Attendee, exhibitor, presenter, and staff badges.
  • Automated attendance credit calculations.
  • Certificate generation and delivery.
  • Communication Center - send email to all or group of attendees.
  • Conference Analytics: Know things like popular sessions for next conference planning.
  • Exhibitor lead retrieval.
  • Online registration.
  • Online registration payments.
  • And more!

Choose from the two available dates below:

Tuesday, January 21st @ 11am Eastern, Or

Wednesday, January 22nd @ 4pm Eastern

Register Now by clicking here!

If you are interested in using Conference Tracker for an upcoming event but cannot attend one of the above webinars, please contact us!

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New AccuClass Features

JAN. 15, 2014

Here are the new AccuClass’ features that we’ve been working since the last newsletter and have implemented this month:

  • Importing - Now users can import semesters and holidays. If you are an AccuClass user go to Import Data section from the main menu to learn more and get started.
  • Exporting - Now attendance can be exported. Users can now filter the attendance data by Semester, Date, Class, or Student anyway they want.
  • Import & Export - AccuClass Data Exchange (ADX) tool has been released!  This utility is currently a windows command line tool which allows users to import & export data to and from their AccuClass account. They can also schedule it to run with a scheduled task in windows to import/export whenever they want! If you are an AccuClass user and want to try it out then download the ADX tool under Import Data from the main menu and you’ll find the download link and instructions on how to use it.

  • “Remember me” checkbox has been added to the login page - This will store the user's e-mail for quick access on their personal computers and the user’s session will expire after a period of inactivity or not using AccuClass.

  • Deletion Confirmation Message added- Now the user has to confirm before deleting any object in the system.

  • Classes List - Classes are automatically filtered by the current semester. Ability to filter by semester was also added.

  • Many more Bug fixes - Fixed all known bugs that users reported to improve general functionality.

Need to track classroom attendance?  Then use AccuClass, the easy way to track class attendance. Experience it yourself by applying for a complimentary one-semester account.

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Important Tip for Installing AccuTrack 2014 and AccuSQL 2014

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Give Users Just Enough Access in Accudemia

Edit a User to use this Role Group Template:

  1. Go to Users Accounts, choose a user, and click Edit
  2. Then scroll down to the Security section and set them as a System User by clicking the checkbox.
  3. Now you can see that you can set them to use the Role Group, Select the Role Group at the list.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

This user now has a new role as System User and will now be able to access only the permissions added in addition what they had previous as only a student, tutor, or instructor.  The final step would be to define the Scope at which the System user can administer those newly given permissions.  This can be done by editing them and choosing the center or location group of centers they can manage in the Scope dropdown box on the User Roles tab (the last tab at the top as shown in the picture above).

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