January 2013 News

10 January 2013

Welcome to the first edition of the new year! 2013 just got started and we already have so much to share with you including our winners from the "iPad mini - Customer Satisfaction" Case Study, software usage tips, a Press Release regarding our Reader's Choice Award, a last minute reminder about the complimentary February Accudemia Orlando training session, and much more!

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Please make sure to read through this important information. Here is an index of the topics:

iPad mini Winners! - Customer Satisfaction Case Study

We announced in the November/December newsletter a "Customer Satisfaction Case Study" that we were doing.  We did not received even a single submission!  Now imagine, if you would have sent in your case study, you would have won the iPad by default, since you would have been the only contestant!

With all the hustle and bustle that the end of the year brings; everyone was very busy making the final preparations for the end of the semester and their holiday plans.  I can understand why the contest may have slipped your minds.  Now the new semester is starting and everyone is waking from their holiday "food comas," I am sure there is someone that would like to win an Apple iPad Mini or Kindle Fire.  Good News though, everyone is going to get another shot at an iPad Mini as the contest has been extended until Feb. 15, 2013!

Here are the details:
We are updating our new website with case studies that showcase how the software (AccuTrack, Accudemia, AccuSQL, AccuLite, etc.) is being used at centers like yours.  Help us by sending in a description of how the software made a difference at your center or institution and we will send you a branded thank-you gift.  In addition, the top three submissions will win some cool electronics of their choice as follows:
• First place winner: Get your choice of a new Apple iPad mini 16 GB WiFi, Apple iPod touch 32 GB 5th G, OR Kindle Fire HD 8.9”.
• Second place: Your choice of Nook HD 8GB, Kindle Fire 7" HD WiFi 16 GB, Nexus 7 Wi-Fi 16GB, OR Apple iPod nano 16G.
• Third place: Your choice of Kindle Wi-Fi 6" E Ink Display or Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB.

Not only are you guaranteed to get the branded gift for your submission, but your chances of winning one of the above fabulous gifts is excellent since usually only a few people respond.  So what are you waiting for, start putting together your case study!  For an example case studies, visit: http://www.accutrack.org/about/implementation.htm and http://www.accutrack.org/about/casestudy2.htm

To increase your chances of winning one of the three top prizes, spice up your case study with photos of your center, photos of the sign-in computer, sample reports, and anything else that would show your results.  You may even submit your submission via a YouTube video!  See the Engineerica Systems “Product Satisfaction Case Study” video for more information on this option.


Submit your case study document or video by December 31st, 2012 February 15th, 2013 by sending it to info@accutrack.org.

  • Submissions will be featured on our website. By submitting an entry, you give us permission to publish it.  
  • Each submission will get a branded thank-you gift provided that the submission is suitable for publication on our website.
  • We will select the top 3 submissions based on their quality, presentation, and originality.  The winners will be notified in early January March and asked for their choice of prize from the list above.  The selected prize will be ordered within one week from receiving the winner’s response and shipping address.
  • Offer could be extended or withdrawn if no qualified entries are received by the submission deadline.

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Press Release regarding our Reader's Choice Award

It looks like good new does travel fast... Since December's release of the Reader's Choice Award for AccuTrack by University Business Magazine we have been featured in several articles on the world wide web.  Thank you again for nominating and choosing our software for this award.  Here are a few of the websites that published our press release:





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New Time Clock for AccuTrack / AccuSQL

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully integrated a time clock with AccuTrack / AccuSQL.  The time clock is a nice option for unattended attendance recording.  Instead of having a full computer to capture sign-in and sign-out, you can install a wall-mounted time clock.  The time clock comes with either magnetic stripe or barcode reader for even quicker in/out process.  Captured visits can be assigned to the activity of your choice (e.g. Algebra 1 class).  When ready, you can download the data to AccuTrack / AccuSQL via regular network connection or even Wi-Fi.  The data will appear in the visits reports as usual.

For the details of the time clock, please visit: http://www.newsite.engineerica.com/time-clock

Please contact us with any questions.

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AccuTrack/AccuSQL - Now with Windows 8 and Office 2013 Support

We have recently conducted some testing of AccuTrack version 12 on Windows 8 and Office 2013.  We are happy to report that the software worked fine without any noticeable issues.  The “Chart Visits” report launched Excel 2013 and created its charts without any problems.  Actually, the charts look even prettier with Excel’s new colorful charts! Checkout screenshot below:

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Video on the Computer Lab Software

Did you know that you can track your computer lab usage with a simple add-on to AccuTrack or AccuSQL?  Watch this 10-minute video for information on what the AccuTrack/AccuSQL Computer Lab software can do for you:

Learn about the Computer Lab Plug-in for AccuTrack/AccuSQL

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Book you Flights! Come to Orlando for our Accudemia Training Session

Book your Flights, find your accommodations, and pack your bags for beautiful Orlando, Florida!  Are you enjoying the cold winter? Plan a little mini break to the "Sunshine State" to learn more about the Accudemia product.  Seats are limited so please click here to reserve your spot today.  The event will be held Monday and Tuesday Feb. 25-26th, 2013.  In addition to the two-day training and the opportunity to discuss Accudemia with other users, you will have a rare opportunity to meet one of Accudemia lead developers: Diego Jancic.  Diego is going to be flying in from Chicago especially for this training session, and this might be the only Accudemia training conference he will attend.



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Accudemia Tip – Adding Google Calendar

Did you know you can link your college Google calendar to Accudemia by pasting the Google code into Accudemia?  There are two ways to do this.

You can also watch a webinar that explains the process at http://www.attendance-tracking.com/docs/doku.php/webinar-signup (Power User Features)

First go to Google and select Google calendar, click on the little gear in up right corner,  settings,  calendar(s),  and then click on the link that is the name of your calendar. Then copy the calendar ID for the calendar. (Usually this is an email) Go sign into Accudemia and go to control panel.  Click on announcements and select the top default option (college level).  Past your Google calendar ID into little box labeled Shared Google calendar ID.  Save. Now go to your home page and click at the top on add content and select shared Google calendar. You should now see your calendar on the home page.

Now my calendar shows under web content.

Just go to Google calendar, click on the little gear in up right corner, settings,  calendar(s),  and then click on the link that is the name of your calendar. Copy the code from the code box.  (See Below)

Go sign into Accudemia and go to control panel.  Click on announcements and select the top default option (college level).  Click on source and in the big box, paste your code underneath the code that is already there and save it. You should now see the calendar on the home page.

Now my calendar shows under college news.

-Mary Oberhelman, National Consultant

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