February 2015 News

2 February 2015

Engineerica Systems, Inc. - Celebrating 20 years of excellence!It's February and love is in the air!  Here is another installment you'll love of the Engineerica Newsletter.  This month we are announcing the last call to sign up for our Accudemia Training in Orlando, an enhanced ID reader, the release of AccuTraining, the latest offering in our Accudemia Tech Tips, and more! 



Here is an index of the topics:

Last Call for Accudemia Training Class in Orlando

Attention Accudemia Users:

Time is running out!  This is your final chance to sign-up for our Orlando Accudemia Training Session!

Click here to sign-up for the Accudemia 2 day training in Orlando, FL!

As we announced a few weeks ago, we are conducting an Accudemia Orlando Training Session on March 19-20, 2015.   This is the only Accudemia training class planned for this year, so  make sure not to miss it. Learn about software directly from the Accudemia team and interact with other Accudemia users during this 2-day training session.  As a special treat Diego, Accudemia's Senior Developer, will be flying in from Chicago to join this event.  This is a rare opportunity to meet the senior develope
r behind Accudemia. 

The registration fee for this training is only $299 per person.  Seats are very limited, so contact us ASAP to reserve your seat.

For more information including the training agenda and travel information, please visit

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Enhanced Magnetic Strip Reader

Attention magnetic strip / swipe readers users: we are now shipping a new type of magnetic strip reader that works with your AccuTrack/AccuSQL/Accudemia or other Engineerica software.  The reader has two magnetic heads - one on each side.  With this, students can swipe their ID card with the magnetic strip facing either way and the reader would still read it! You will no longer have puzzled faces and missed swipes due to students swiping their ID card with the magnetic strip facing the wrong side of the reader!

All new orders will get this new reader.  The cost of the magnetic reader is still the same: $89.  If you have the older type and would like to get this reader, simply contact us.   If you want to learn more about ID readers, click here.

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AccuTraining Release - Tracking Employee Training

We are pleased to announce the release of AccuTraining, our cloud-based training management software. AccuTraining will allow you to create training plans, assign them to employees, track training attendance, and get reports on the training progress of each employee.  To capture the training attendance, you can either use a sign-in computer or an Apple device (iPad tablet, iPod touch device, or iPhone). The software can even generate training badges to quickly scan and record the sign-ins.

For the complete announcement, please click here.

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Accudemia Tech Tip - Viewing Weekly Appointments/Availability

In Accudemia there are several ways to see at a glance what appointments are happening at your center and manage the appointments.  One method for viewing the weekly appointments and availability of staff is through the Daily Viewer option in Accudemia.  To see the entire week's availability do the following:

  1. Click Daily Viewer from the left-side navigation under the Center Attendance section.
  2. Next select the first Date and Center in the filters and click the Add Viewer button.
  3. Notice how it added a list of all my Tutors Available for that Date in that Center.
  4. Continue to add Dates following the 3 steps above to see the entire week.

Another method allows you to see availability for a specific Subject Area using the Appointments "By Date" in Accudemia.

  1. Click on the Appointments > By Date under Center Attendance section in the left-side navigation.
  2. Here you can set the filters at the top to include only the Center and Subject Areas you want to see for a particular date.  Now click the Search button.
  3. This works very similar to the Daily Viewer where it will stack the available tutors by repeating the above process.