February 2014 News

28 January 2014

Welcome to the February 2014 Edition of the Engineerica Newsletter!


With a great start to the year we are looking an even better month in February!  This newsletter includes an important update announcement for AccuTrack and AccuSQL 2014, an invite to join us for the start of a new AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014 Webinar series, some helpful tips in Accudemia to calculate payroll and ensure courses are available at your center, and much more!

AccuTrack & AccuSQL 2014 Critical Update!


We just released version 13.0.2 of AccuTrack and AccuSQL 2014 software.  This critical update to the software includes important improvements and we urge all users to install it ASAP.  Simply contact our support department for assistance in updating to this latest version.  The support phone number is 321-214-0012 and the email address is support@accutrack.org.  

Here is a list of Build 13.0.2 Enhancements & Fixes


  1. Tutor Assignments – New ability to copy tutor activity assignments to other tutors to save time in selecting these assignments.  Assignments are skipped for individuals who have future appointments that are NOT in the new assignment list.
  2. Tutor Schedules – New ability to copy tutor schedules to other tutors to save time in setting up the schedules.  Those having future appointments are skipped.
  3. Updated sticky note icons.
  4. AccuSQL now warns if SQLDataUpdater needs to be run against SQL database.  This will prevent using the software with an outdated version of the database, which could cause strange behavior.  
  5. AccuTrack and AccuSQL check the installed versions of the VFP support files to make sure you are using the latest.  This will save you some potential errors caused by using older files.
  6. Renamed "Plug-in report" to "Computer Lab Reports" for clarity. 


  1. HTML email updated for Gmail compatibility (no longer shows up as html code).
  2. HTML email updated for Exchange compatibility (no longer shows up as html code on Exchange).
  3. Ability to send appointment email as plain text is now restored.
  4. Fixed the "loExcryptor is not an object" error that shows on when setting report access on some systems. (seen on Xenon server)
  5. SQLDataUpdater.exe tool includes updated database triggers.
  6. Tutor Schedules: If you mass delete schedules via Database Delete, the "Default schedule" is now restored automatically with a new empty schedule.
  7. "Report to Instructor" flag is now getting updated even under specific conditions that used to suppress it.  
  8. Appointment Central - Fixed "Appointment is not an object" error on a new appointment creation. 
  9. Seminar Reports now showing in Reports screen.
  10. Report filtering updated from Studen
    t Pad.

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Accudemia New Release

FEB. 7, 2014

We just released a new update to the Accudemia software.  This update contains the following improvements: 

1) New Tutoring Assessment Tool: Use this to create a tutoring or advising session questionnaire to be answered by the tutor or advisor to evaluate the session.  Create your own questions and Accudemia will allow tutors to answer these questions after each session.  You can view cumulative results of the questions or view per session questionnaire.  Two new reports were added to support this feature.  For the details of this new feature, please visit the Accudemia Blog.

2) New the ID entry box: A few users complained that the ID entry box in the sign-in screen does not accept backspace!  This made it a little awkward if you made a mistake while manually typing the ID.  This has been fixed and the new ID control allows the backspace!

3) Restoration of text messaging:Fixed some issues with the capability of using the feature.

4) Performance enhancements: Tweaks to improve speed of the system.

NOTE: The Accudemia update has already been released and if you are using Accudemia you have immediate access to the improvements above.

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New Tutor / Advisor Module


We are working on a new module specifically designed for tutors and advisors.  We need your feedback in designing this module.  For example, tell us:

1) Which functions do you use as an advisor or tutor?  For example, the Session Questionnaire, Session Log, Waiting List / Intake System,  Walk-in Notification, referrals, etc.

2) Which of these functions need to be on the same screen?  For example, perhaps you want the ability to enter session notes and sign out the student from the same screen.

3) Do you schedule appointments for students?

4) Do you sign students in or out?

5) What reports do you need to see?

6) Are there any additional fields, reports, or functions that would enhance your use of the software?

7) How can we improve the current interface?

8) Any other suggestions, questions, or feedback?

Please send your feedback directly to support@accutrack.org .  We appreciate your assistance.

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AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014 Webinars

Accudemia Tech Tip: Tutor Payroll & Center Management

FEB. 1, 2014

Calculate Tutor Payroll

Today a customer presented us with an excellent.  He was trying to calculate tutor payments from a student visit report.  However, if the report is exported in Excel format, you will get the Period in HH:MM format:


To calculate the total hours and the total payment amount, you will need to use the TIMEVALUE Excel formula.

For example, the following will return the total hours worked:


Then you can, round that number to have only 2 decimals:

=ROUND(TIMEVALUE([Cell]) * 24, 2)

For example, if the tutor has worked for 1 hour and 30 minutes (that would be displayed as 1:30), you will get 1.50 hours using the formula above.

Or you can multiply the total hours worked (not rounded) by the hourly pay rate and then round the final amount.  If it were $20, then the final formula would be:

=ROUND(TIMEVALUE([Cell]) * 24 * 20, 2)

Being [Cell] the reference to the cell where the period is (e.g., 01:30), and 20 is the hourly pay rate.

Make those courses available in your center!

As a support tech, I often receive the same questions.  This item is about something that many users usually forget: courses are not available by default to all centers.  When you create a new center, you need to assign the subject areas that can be taught there. The same happens when you create a new subject area.

To solve the problem, you need to import a file with 3 columns: Center Name, Subject Area Code Prefix and Subject Area Name.
For example:

Center Name Subject Area Code Prefix Subject Area Code
Math Center MAT 101
Math Center ALG 201
Writing Center HIS 101

And so on.

In this case, MAT-101 and ALG-201 would be assigned to the Math Center and HIS-101 would be assigned to the Writing Center.

If you want to assign all subject areas to all centers, you might want to use the export feature to get the list of subject areas.

To sign-up for more helpful Accudemia tech tips via our Accudemia blog:

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Upcoming AccuTrack / AccuSQL Training in Orlando, FL

FEB. 13, 2014

Need a break from the cold weather?  Come down to in March for our AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014 Training Session in Orlando, FL.

This is your invitation to join us for our AccuTrack and AccuSQL training session in Orlando on March 20th & 21st, 2014.  We need you to register ASAP if you would like to join us to learn all more about the software and get your questions answered.  It is also a great opportunity to discuss how your various centers operate with your peers.

This event is always a very productive and enlightening occasion, both for our trainees as well as for us here at Engineerica. The training sessions here are always FREE for our current Platinum Support members, so if you have that plan with us, why not take advantage of it?  Note:  Additional fees apply to institutions sending more than 2 attendees.

To reserve your seat today, sign up using our online registration form available at http://www.newsite.engineerica.com/training-registration.  We require a fully refundable deposit from you to guarantee your seat.  The deposit is refunded when you show up for our training.

You can find out all about the training format details here: http://www.newsite.engineerica.com/orlando-training

Please contact us if you any additional questions. We hope to see you in the training!

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