December 2013 News

11 December 2013

Welcome to the December 2013 edition of the Engineerica Newsletter. 

At this joyous time of year, we are grateful for the experiences and opportunities to work with all of the institutions using the wonderful products that make Engineerica Systems a great success. We begin this newsletter by wishing you abundance, happiness, and peace this holiday season and a new year filled with hope.  We wish you the best of the holidays and a prosperous 2014!

In this issue we are announcing the release of a few software updates, some helpful guides using the new AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014, and more!  Here is an index of the topics:

Your Input is Needed for 2014

As 2013 winds down, we are planning our projects for next year and need your feedback.  In particular, we would like to know which new features you would like to see in our products next year.  We use a service called UserVoice to help us determine the most popular features.  Would you take a few minutes to visit the site and vote on the features you would like to see?  You can also add your own suggestions if you like.

For a video showing how to use UserVoice, visit

We are looking forward to receiving your input

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Conference Tracker – Around the World in 80 Days

In the next 80 days, CT will be traveling around the world, from a recent conference in New Zealand in the far south to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East next to Belgium in the north.  After a successful trip to New Zealand tracking thousands of attendees in and out of workshops, helping exhibitors gather leads, and calculating Credits earned - now Conference Tracker looks to impress the next Conference in Saudi Arabia.  With the ease of use that iConf offers for tracking the attendees with a simple to understand interface via an Apple device this conference is sure to be a snap.  Once they have synced the Apple devices the conference data cleanup process is nearly eliminated due to the many recently updated features of the Conference Tracker website.  It will not be long before the conference administrators can email out all the Certificates and Conference Tracker moves on to the next stop in Brussels, Belgium.  If you would like more information on making your next conference a success, please contact us here!

-Chadd Blodgett, National Account Specialist

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AccuClass adds automated e-mail alerts!

We’ve just updated AccuClass to support automatic e-mail notifications. Please take a look at the screenshot below.

Users can customize the default templates by account and by class. To manage these notifications you must navigate to:

Advanced Options->Settings->Notifications->E-mail notifications->Customize.

If you want to customize the templates for your class you should go to edit the corresponding class and click on the “Customize Emails” link in the More Actions green panel.

I hope you enjoy and make use of this new feature for AccuClass!

-Fernando G. Paulovsky, AccuClass Developer

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AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014 v13.0.1 Update

The first maintenance release of AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014 is out.  Build 13.0.1 offers the following improvements:

13.0.1 Enhancements:

  • Added ability to filter Session Logs by sessions with comments, sessions without comments, and/or with session questionnaires answered, or with session questionnaires not answered.
  • Added a Pin option to the Filters in the Edit Student Sign in Logs screen.
  • Added ability to turn on or off access to the Setup tab based on Access Groups.
  • Modified save and delete of session notes button logic to make it more user friendly.
  • Added a startup check for system DLLS. If the system DLLS are outdated, AccuTrack / AccuSQL 2014 will allow you to download them with update instructions.

13.0.1 Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed report filters not being saved when a report was right clicked to be memorized or scheduled.
  • Fixed Reports selection where if you right click on a report to memorize, customize, or schedule it without first left clicking it, it was displaying an error message.
  • Fixed title bar on main sign in Activity Selection screen not properly showing the Screen Title.
  • Fixed issu
    e with the AccuTaskRunner reports Windows service (accutr_reports.exe) not sending automatically scheduled reports under certain conditions.
  • Fixed Appointment Quick Scheduler not properly displaying the appointment startup time increments settings.
  • Fixed custom Terminology settings not updating on various screens.
  • Fixed the View/Cancel Appointments screen not properly sorting on AM or PM time designations.
  • Fixed Session Questionnaire report displaying an error if the report was exported to Excel directly.

Please call support at 321-214-0012 for any additional details or if you need help updating.  Thank you and have a great holiday!

-David Foster, Support & Training Manager

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How to Schedule Instructor Reports
in AccuTrack / AccuSQL 2014

Did you know?  If you periodically report to instructors on the visits of their students, AccuTrack / AccuSQL can do this work for you!  For example, if students taking the course Reading 101 at your college are required to use your center 3 hours per week, and you are required to send a weekly report of the visits of these students to their instructor, then you can set up AccuTrack / AccuSQL to automatically send the weekly report for you.  Multiply your time savings by the number of instructors that require the weekly report, and you will save yourself a lot of time.  Here is how:

1. How to "Schedule a Report" to run daily/weekly to an individual instructor

2. How to send daily/weekly Instructor reports to every instructor using
    the Scheduled Instructor Report Option

How to "Schedule a Report" to run daily/weekly to an individual instructor

  1. From the System Admin screen - go to the Students Visits Tracking module and click Reports.
  2. Run the reports to choose which report you like best to schedule.
  3. Set the Period Filter to "Yesterday" for daily reporting or "Last Week" for weekly reporting.
  4. Set the Activities Filter to which ever class (In the example I chose Anatomy & Physiology I [BIO-123-001])
  5. Next click "Schedule this Report" and name the report. (I named the report "BIO-123-001 Daily New Visitors Report")
  6. Then set the information in the Schedule Parameters screen like shown below:

    Note:  When saving the report to a Folder be sure to use the UNC folder path where the network share is located.

  7. Click Done and it will show up in your Scheduled Reports Section.  Repeat this process for each class that you would want the instructor to get the report.

How to send daily/weekly Instructor reports to every instructor using the Scheduled Instructor Report Option

  1. Go to the Sign-in Setup module under the System Admin screen and click Setup.
  2. Once there you need to click the Activity Screen Options in the top left navigation panel.
  3. In the Options section - make sure that you at least have the "Show Instructors box" checked and click Set Report's Schedule.
  4. Then set the Schedule Parameters and be sure to set the Report Period to your liking (Hours are in military time).  Then click Done!
  5. This automatically sends the Visits by Instructor report to all the instructors that students select when signing into the system.

The first option may be the report that you want to send but you have to set it up individually.  The second option shows all the instructor's students that visited and is easy to setup/configure since you only do it once.  So depending on the type of report you want to send vs. the ease of setup that will determine which option will work for you.

-Nicholas Armstrong, Support & Training Coordinator

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How to prevent students from signing into the Center during Class

In this video you will learn how to import class schedules into either new or existing activities to disable students' ability to to login to AccuTrack / AccuSQL during their scheduled class time.  This is a new feature that we added in AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014 due to strict requirements by the federal grants that needed to ensure they were not giving funds to the centers that allowed the students to come in during their scheduled class times.  To view more AccuTrack/AccuSQL webinars we have recorded visit:

-David Foster, Support & Training Manager

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How to use Web Gateway
with AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014

If you have purchased the Web Gateway addon for your AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2014 software and your IT has taken time to setup your IIS 7 server for Web Gateway to be accessible via the Internet.  Here is a basic demonstration on how to get started using this tool so students can make appointments and sign-up for seminars via their web browser.

If you purchased Web Gateway but still have not set it up here is a great video to help you get started.

If you are interested in purchasing Web Gateway for your Center that is already using AccuTrack 2014 or AccuSQL 2014 please contact your national account specialist or contact Engineerica sales.

-David Foster, Support & Training Manager

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