Conference Tracker New Release!

19 November 2013

We are delighted to annouce a new Conference Tracker release that adds some major new features requested by clients.  These features are now part of the software and you have full access to them the next time you login to Conference Tracker.  Here are the highlights:

(1) Conference Summary

See what is going on at the conference with a quick glance by checking the updated statistics box on the home screen.  This information is updated live if you have a Wi-Fi or cell data connection at the conference:


(2) Conference Analytics 

Allow you to quickly view key information about your conference including most popular sessions and busiest times.  View the analytics for a single day or the entire conference.  Here is an example: 


(3) Session Report 

Select any workshop or session and easily view a detailed report that shows who attended and how long each attendee stayed:


(4) Attendee Report

Select any attendee and view his or her attendance information:


(5) Badge Designer Enhancements 

  • You can now show any of the following dynamic fields on the conference badge if you like: attendee's name, job title, company, conference, city, state, zip code, and more!
  • You can now design and print badges for exhibitors and presentors in addition to the attendees badges.
  • You can now print badges incrementally (e.g. print new badges only).
  • Now prints badges sorted alphabetically by last name for easier sorting and distribution.
  • Ability to distribute conference badges via email if you like.


(6) Enhanced Tools for more Accurate Data

  • A new tool to quickly fix unresolved swipes has been added so there is less cleanup after the conference.

Above shows how you can easily spot any swipes with issues. Then Just click the "Fix Swipes" button to quickly resolve multiple swipes that match workshops or users in the system.  If they are not showing who or what workshop you can search for them to add them manually to the record as well.

  • A new tool to detect devices/operators with issues was added to the homepage.  It list the devices being used with an early alert feature that tells you what devices are likely configured wrong or out of sync.  The higher the number of errors coming from the device increases the indicator from green to yellow to red.


 (7) Lead Retrieval App 

The iConf Leads app is now available on the Apple App Store. This lead retrieval app works along Conference Tracker to help your exhibitors capture prospects' contact information by simply reading the barcode on the their badge.  Exhibitors can add their own notes too.  Here is a screen shot from an Apple iPod touch device running this app:

All of these im
provements will provide you with the tools you need to manage your conference more effectively.  

To view these new enhancements, sign up for a complimentary demo of Conference Tracker by clicking here

Diego Jancic, Application Developer