Advisors – Try the new AccuTrack/ AccuSQL Quick Panel Today

16 April 2014

As you might have heard, we have been working on a new interface specifically designed for academic advisors.  We are delighted to announce that a test version of this software is now ready!  If you are an academic advisor or counselor, you need to check out the new Quick Panel.  Here are some of the benefits of it:

  1. You can now perform the most common AccuTrack / AccuSQL functions from a single screen.   You no longer need to jump around among different screens.
  2. Quickly see a list of students waiting for you, or a list of all students in line.
  3. Easily sign students in or out.
  4. View the selected student’s previous visits, appointments, registration, and more!
  5. Quickly and easily add Session Notes and / or Session Questionnaire.
  6. Easily edit the student’s sign-in data.
  7. Schedule the student for future appointments and perform other common functions.
  8. Do all the above functions and more from a single screen!

Simply email or call us to request your complimentary test copy of the Quick Panel.  AccuTrack / AccuSQL 2014 is required.

We designed the new Quick Panel to make it easier for advisors to use AccuTrack / AccuSQL.  Once you try it, you will appreciate the convenience and power it offers you.  Another advantage of your participation at this time is that you will be able to suggest improvement ideas on the new Quick Panel before its official release later this year.

I am attaching a screenshot of the Quick Panel below.  Contact us with any questions or to request your test copy.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.