AccuTrack/AccuSQL 2018 is here!

7 December 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of version 2018 of AccuTrack and AccuSQL.  This new release offers many new features and improvements.  Most of these were suggested by users such as yourself.  You will find a list of the new features below.

If you have the AccuSQL subscription service, then you are eligible for a free upgrade to version 2018 and its add-ons software.  If you are on the older subscription model and have an active Platinum Plan subscription, then you are eligible for a free upgrade of the software covered by your Platinum Plan.  Otherwise, you can order an upgrade to the 2018 software.

To request your 2018 upgrade, simply fill out the form here:

Here is a list of the enhancements you will find in this release:

  • Online Reports: You can now run AccuTrack/AccuSQL reports from anywhere at any time!  Simply log in to your 2018 Web Gateway MVC software and you will find the same reports available on the desktop version online.  This feature is available to students, tutors, and system administrators.  Reports are displayed as a PDF document.
  • New Analytics module: We added more sophisticated Excel charts to help you analyze your center’s traffic, visitor profile and visits.  The charts are now showing the analysis by location / lab ID for even deeper analysis.
  • Two-way Sync for Outlook Calendar: In response to popular demand, we created a new utility that will sync appointments scheduled in Outlook with AccuSQL/AccuTrack.  Also appointments scheduled in AccuTrack/AccuSQL will appear in Outlook.  The utility is offered as part of the AccuSQL subscription package or as a paid add-on for those who do not have the subscription. 
  • Automatic data export: You can now schedule the automatic generation of reports’ data and saving it as a CSV file in a local folder. This enhancement opens up a range of possibilities for broadcasting data and sharing it among applications.
  • Student Email: Added the ability to include the student’s email address in the Excel report export.  A new setting can turn this option on or off.
  • Staff Timesheet: Added the ability for tutors/advisors to submit their work hours via the Web Gateway MVC software.  This is useful if your staff members work outside of the center and usually submit a timesheet with their hours.  You will be able to see the manual entries along with the work times captured via the sign-in station.
  • Multi- Registration Capability: You can now register multiple students, either from a student group or from a select list, for one or more activities at the same time.  This new feature offers more flexibility to quickly select activities to which you want to register students. 
  • Session Questionnaire Enhancements: The tutor/advisor Session Questionnaire is now lab-specific.  This means each center or lab can have their own questionnaire.  Also you can now utilize radio buttons, checkboxes and drop-down boxes in the questionnaire.
  • Staff Sign-in Process: The staff tasks screen that can appear when staff members sign in is now lab-specific.  This means you can have a different tasks list per lab or center.
  • "Sign Out Students” screen enhancement: In the Sign Out Students screen of System Administration, you can now filter students by the lab they are signed into in order to sign one or more of them out from that lab.  We also added the category and activity to enable filtering on these as well.
  • “View/Cancel” appointments screen enhancement: In the View/Cancel appointments screen, you can now filter appointments by the lab where they were scheduled.
  • Web Gateway MVC - Interface Enhancements: This size and colors of the icons can now be customized by the user by updating the custom.css style sheet. Further, 90% of the elements can be changed with a global replace of a single hex color.
  • Web Gateway MVC – Filter by Available Tutors option: Instead of showing every tutor that has the activity assignment during appointment scheduling, you now have the ability to only show the tutors that have both the selected activity assignment and also an opening in their schedule for the appointment.
  • Web Gateway MVC – New Open Slots View: In addition to the current method of selecting a tutor and viewing his/her open slots across a time period, we added the ability to select a certain date and view a list of all available tutors and their open slots for that date.
  • Web Gateway MVC – New Tutor Sorting Option: Added an option to control the sorting of the list of available tutors/advisors.  The list can be sorted alphabetically as previous version.  It can also be sorted in random order or by least appointments first.  This can help balance the workload of the staff.
  • “Edit Student Sign-in Logs” Enhancement: When editing a student sign in log, you can now filter the activity selection by activities that are currently active or inactive.
  • Enhanced Storage of Student Photos: The Student Photos in AccuSQL are now stored as BLOB Fields instead of separate external photo files.  This eliminates the dependency on an external shared path / folder for storing these photos.
  • Fixed Exported Reports Display Format: As a result of a change in Microsoft Excel, the exported Exce
    l reports only showed the sign in/out date and did not show the time.  We updated the export code to fix this issue and display the time as well.
  • Appointment Reminders Enhancement: In response to customers’ requests, we updated the software to send appointment reminders for Monday appointments on Monday instead on the preceding Friday.  This change makes the reminder timelier.
  • “Visits Summary Report” by Local Lab: You can now generate the Visits Summary report for a certain center / lab ID.
  • Student Profile on Staff Panel: Added a Student Profile button on the Staff Panel.  Also if you expand one of the top two windows, the window will be larger showing more information.
  • Instructor Display: Added the Instructor column to Staff Panel, Sign-in Tab and AccuTrack/AccuSQL Intake System screen.
  • Load time: Optimized the launch routines of AccuSQL to speed up its loading.
  •  And more!


Mon Nasser, CEO

Engineerica Systems, Inc.

(888) 249-7227