13 April 2015

We are delighted to announce that AccuPad, our new mobile software for tutors and advisors, is now ready!  To celebrate the release of AccuPad, we are offering a complimentary trial version of the AccuPad software.  This version is identical to the purchased version except that it expires at the end of May.  This will give you and your staff the opportunity to try out the new AccuPad software and experience its benefits first hand.

AccuPad is an add-on software for AccuTrack and AccuSQL 2015.  With AccuPad your staff members will be able to perform the following function on a mobile Windows tablet:

  1. View their own upcoming appointments.
  2. View the center's waiting list.
  3. See who's signed in the center.
  4. Sign in a student from the waiting list or from outside of it.
  5. Enter session's log / comments .
  6. Schedule new appointments for the student.
  7. Sign the student out.
  8. Edit sign-in logs if needed.

Of course you will also need a Windows tablet to run AccuPad.  Just about any Windows tablet would work.  Sorry but since the tablets are made by third party companies, we are unable to provide you with complimentary test tablets.  However, we can offer you a good 7” tablet, the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet, for only $79.  This is a special limited-time offer - HP sells this tablet for $99.99.  

We also offer a VESA type of enclosure for the HP tablet.  This is useful if you would like to attach the tablet to a desk or other surface.  

For more information on AccuPad including photos and fees, please click here.