AccuClass New Release!

20 November 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of our cloud-based class attendance software, AccuClass.  Here is a summary of the improvements:

Student Groups:  

We added the ability to create and manage student groups.  Administrators can define their custom groups and use them to get an Attendance Summary report.  This is handy for tracking the attendance of a certain group of students (e.g. at-risk students).

Data Import & Export:  

The new AccuClass Data Exchange (ADX) tool allows users to import & export data to and from their AccuClass account. The utility can be scheduled to run automatically to automate the import / export process. If you are an AccuClass user and want to try it out then download the ADX tool under Import Data from the main menu and you’ll find the download link and instructions there.

We also added the ability to format the ID and card number data in the import file.  This will help you with problems caused by dropping the leading zeros from and ID number.  This will happen if Excel treats the ID field as numeric instead of character.

In addition, you can now import Swipes (sign-ins/Sign-outs). This is very handy if you collected your class sign-in data outside of AccuClass.  For example, if you have been using an Excel sheet to keep your attendance data or if you have a barcode scanner that saves the scans.

Kiosk Support 

Administrators can now create sign-in stations that work as a kiosk. That is, first scan is considered sign-in, second is a sign-out and so on… AccuClass automatically detects if the scan is a sign-in or out depending on the previous scans for the same person in the same session.  Before you had to set the sign-in station mode to either sign-in or sign-out students.

Time Clock Support:  

We also added support for a wall-mounted time-clock.  This is pefrect if you want a perminant sign-in station that does not require the use of a PC or Apple device to sign-in/out students. For more information about the time-clock,  click here.

Get AccuClass

The above improvements are now available to all AccuClass users.  Don't have AccuClass?  Get a complimentary account by clicking here.