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6 June 2019

AccuCampus is Campus Wide solution for increasing student engagement through collaboration, management, and assessment of student resources.  The cloud-based system will connect your student services to foster collaborations among your staff. The synergy created from connecting your services is focused on helping students succeed in college. AccuCampus empowers students by providing them with the help they need and directing them to available resources.  AccuCampus will even track the students' progress to make sure they stay on track.  Not only that, but the system will track prospects before they become students and also after they graduate!


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AccuCampus is an Institution-wide system for student tracking, engagement, and retention.  AccuCampus facilitates collaboration between the different campus resources in their mission to help students succeed.  The synergy created from this collaboration is greater than what any single resource can do on its own...  To find out more visit:

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