Setup Profile Questions

11 September 2013

Module: Student Demographics
Purpose: To define the student's profile questions used for tracking demographics.
Access: From System Administration, click on Student DemographicsSetup Profile.

When a new student signs-in, AccuTrack will display the “New Student” screen to collect contact information and demographics data.  AccuTrack gives you the flexibility to define up to 10 demographics questions in this screen.

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Here is an explanation of the elements in this screen:

Question Preview box

The “Question Preview” box shows how the selected question will appear in the New Student screen.  Use this box to preview the looks and format of the selected question.

Question Box

This box allows you to edit the text of the selected question.

Status Box

The Status Box allows you to define the status of the selected question.  There are three options in this box:

  • Show: Check this box if you want the question to be visible in the New Student screen.  If you do not need this question, uncheck the Show box.
  • Frame: Check this box if you want a frame or a border to appear around the question and the answer box.
  • Answer Required: Check this box if you want students to answer this question.  When this box is checked, AccuTrack will not allow the student to proceed with the sign in until an answer is selected from the drop-down box.

Font Box

The font box allows you to define the appearance of the question:

  • Opaque: Check this box if you want the question to have a white background.  Uncheck the box to use a transparent background.
  • Border: Check this question if you want to have a border around the question
  • Bold: Check this box to show the question in bold font.
  • Italic: Check this box to show the question in italic font.
  • Underline: Check this box to underline the question.
  • Size: Use the drop-down box to select the size of the font.
 Tip: Use the Question Preview box to see how the question will appear when you make changes in the Font box.
 Tip: If you want all questions in the New Student screen to have the same font and status as the current question, click on “Apply to all” button.

Question Navigator

The Question Navigator box allows you to select the question you want to setup.  The New Student screen has the capacity to show up to 10 profile questions.  These questions are arranged in two columns, and each column has five questions.  To select one of the questions, simply click on its position in the “Question Navigator” box.  For example, to select the first question in the first column, simply click on it.  The selected question will appear highlighted in a solid color.

 Tip: Questions that will not appear in the New Student screen because they are set to be invisible will have a transparent box

Answers Box

The answers box shows the available answers for the selected question.  You can use this box to add new answers or to edit or delete existing answers.

Modifying a Question

To change a question, simply select it in the Question Navigator then change the text in the “Question” box.

You can also change the status and appearance of the question.

Click on “Save” to keep your changes.

  Note:  You should only change the questions before students use the system.  Changing the questions after students use the system will lead to inaccurate data.  For example, let’s say the first question is “College: Business, Engineering, Art and Science” and a student selected “Business” as the answer.  You change the question to read “Standing: Freshman, Sophomore, Other”.  Now the answer to this question for the student that selected “Business” has changed to refer to “Freshman” (first answer of the question). This may or may not be the correct answer for this student.

Entering the Answers of a Question

For each question you enter, you will need to define the answers that appear in the question’s drop-down list box.  First select the question using the Question Navigator box, and then use the Answers box on the right side of the screen.

To add an answer, simply type it in the entry box and click on “Add”.  To edit an answer, highlight the answer and click on “Edit”.  The answer will by copied to the entry box.  Make your changes and click on “Save” or “Cancel”.  To delete an answer, highlight the answer then click on “Delete”.

 Note:  You should only change the answers to questions before students use the system.  Changing the answers afterwards might lead to inaccurate data as discussed in the tip above.
 Tip:The answers to the profile questions may change from semester to semester.  For example, the student’s standing might change from “Freshman” to “Sophomore”.  To have students review and update their profile answers, click on the “Update Profile” button in the Options screen.
 Tip:If needed, you can correct the student’s answer to a profile question by editing the record in the Modify Students screen.
 Tip:You can import the answers to the profile questions along with other students’ info by using the Import Wizard.
 Tip:You can query the profile data in the Profile Query screen as discussed below.  You can also generate a Profile report to see a compilation of this data.

Adding Profile Data to a Student Record

Select a student and then click the Profile button to add profile information for the student. Profile questions and answers allow you to collect additional information, such as demographic data, or anything you would like to collect about your students. When you click the Profile button, you can add or edit any of the 10 profile fields that are available.



Click save to Save your selections, or Cancel to discard them. Note: Profiles fields and their values are setup in the Profile Setup Screen.



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