Engineerica Share your Expertise with your Colleagues

Share your Expertise with your Colleagues

Become a guest author for our events blog and have your published articles sent to over 10,000 people in the events industry.  Not only would you be helping your fellow event professionals, but also you would be spreading the word about your work, events, and conferences.

What topics do you accept?

Our focus is on helping event professionals and meeting organizers to execute successful events and conferences. Any topic related to this will be considered.  This includes articles of interest to event planners and conference organizers about things like event marketing, continuing education and CEUs, event management tips, venue and activity ideas, exhibitor and sponsorship options, and other ways to enhance the attendee experience.  If you want to make sure, email us with your topic for quick feedback.

How long are the articles?

The article’s length should be appropriate to the topic.  In general, articles should be between 250 to 5,000 words long.

What do I need to submit?

Submit your article in MS Word or PDF format.  Include your name, job title, and institution.  Also include a small headshot to accompany the article.

How do I submit the article?

Submit your article by emailing it to  We will acknowledge receipt of submissions within five business days.

When will the articles be published?

We usually publish approved articles within one month of receiving them.  Many articles are published sooner.  We will let you know once the article is published.

Do I receive compensation for published articles?

In addition to the reward of feeling good for helping others, we will send you an Engineerica branded gift as a thank-you token.

Submission Guidelines:

Your article will be published by Engineerica Systems Inc. We only accept submissions from the original author of the articles. By submitting material, you acknowledge that you are legally entitled to distribute the work and to allow it to be redistributed. We do not accept articles that are primarily advertisements.

All articles are accepted with the understanding that they have not been accepted or published elsewhere. We will, however, publish work that has been presented at a conference. Submissions must not contain any libelous or otherwise unlawful material or infringe on any third party’s intellectual property rights or any other rights.

By submitting an article, the author, or authors, transfers the right to publish the work in whole or in part in any and all forms of media to Engineerica Systems Inc., the publisher.

The author retains the right to reuse any portion of the work, without fee, in future works of the author’s own provided that the citation to the original article is provided and a notice of Engineerica Systems Inc. copyright are included.

Engineerica Systems Inc gives the author permission to make digital or hard copies of part or all of this work for personal or classroom use without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear the full citation and copyright notice.

Engineerica Systems Inc reserve the right to not accept articles for publication at our discretion and to remove from publication any submission at any time for any reason.

The submitted article needs to be of interest to our readers. We reserve the right to reject articles we do not deem appropriate. You can email us with your topic before writing the article to make sure it would be of interest.

If you have any questions please email us at

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