Support Forum Guidelines

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2) Before posting your question, make sure to follow the basic troubleshooting tips. You will be amazed how many problems can be solved by simply following these tips.

3) Make sure you post your question in the correct area. For example, post your AccuTrack 9 questions in the "AccuTrack 9" section, and so on.

4) Each post should only cover a single topic . Do not reply to a post or to an answer with a question regarding a different topic. Instead, start a new post for the new question.

5) Make sure to mention your version # in your post. Click here to find out how to read the version number.

6) When the issue is resolved please post back with the resolution. This will help other users searching the forum for similar problem in the future.

NOTE: When the issue is resolved the moderator will close the topic. You cannot add comments to closed topics. If a few days pass without any response from you on a suggested resolution, then we will assume that the suggestion worked and we will close the issue.


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