Conference Tracker Enhancements

We are glad to announce the release of version 2.0 of Conference Tracker.  Our development team has added many great new features and enhancements.  The majority of these features were requested by Conference Tracker users with the rest suggested by the development team.  Here is a list of the changes:

Online Session Registration

You can now mark sessions for online registration.  Marked sessions will appear on the Conference Tracker online conference registration form.  Attendees will see a description of these sessions and will be able to sign up for them.  The software will keep track of the registrations and will allow attendees to register until the room reaches its full capacity!  There are many uses of this feature including:

  • Optional registration for paid sessions like pre or post conference seminars.  The software will add the paid session registration fee to the regular conference registration fee.
  • Optimization of available space by asking attendees to indicate sessions they plan to attend.  This will give you an idea of expected attendance which will help you allocate rooms based on their capacity.
  • Automating additional paid services like meal tickets.  Not only can you have attendees sign up for these and pay their fees at registration, but you can also scan their badges to verify that they signed up for the paid service before providing it.
  • Allowing attendees to reserve their spot for popular conference sessions.

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New CEU Transcript

We added a new transcript generated by the CEU accreditation organizations that uses Conference Tracker.  For each attendee, the transcript shows each attended session and its info.  This includes 3 new custom text fields related to the session.  For example, these fields can be the Session Category or Session ID. The session’s fields including the 3 custom ones can be imported into Conference Tracker or entered manually.   The transcript can be emailed to each attendee in the form of a PDF document, or you can print it out.

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New - Arrival Flagging Feature

You can now flag certain attendees (e.g. VIP, a person who needs assistance, etc.).  When a flagged attendee checks in to the conference, the system will send an automatic text notification to a person you specify informing them of the arrival.  This is a great way to meet and greet special guests as they arrive at your registration desk.

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Import and Export Enhancements

  • The Conference Tracker data import utility can now import exhibitors, presenters, and operators.
  • You can also export a list of exhibitors, presenters, and operators.
  • Added support for importing the new custom fields: 3 attendee custom fields and 3 session custom fields.

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Online Registration Improvement

We made a lot of improvements to the online registration process for your attendees.  These enhancement include branding the registration form with your conference logo and info, quicker group registration, and more.  Here are the details:

  • Online registration for groups: If several people from the same company are attending the conference, they can now register at the same time.  After entering the first person, a “Save and add another registration” button will appear.  Clicking this will open an additional person registration form with common fields copied from the previous registration.  This will cut down on the time needed to register each person from the same company.  Also this makes it possible to pay the registration fee for all attendees from the same company with a single charge instead of one charge per attendee.
  • Ability to use a graphical banner for the conference online registration form, the exhibitor registration form, and the exhibitor log-in website.
  • Added validating of email address entry in online registration form.
  • Added the ability to “Send payment reminder” to all attendees who have not paid yet.
  • A new report that shows a count of responses to multiple choice questions in the online registration form. This is helpful for example if one of the question asks the registrant to select a meal type and the organizer wants a count of each meal type for ordering.
  • Ability to register for sessions as explained above.

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Attendance Certificates and Badges

  • Added the ability to use italics, bold, and underline text in badges and attendance certificates.
  • Added the ability to print or email certificates for attendees for a selected session only.  This will help you customize the certificate for a specific group of attendees.
  • Proper capitalization of names: Conference Tracker will automatically apply proper capitalization to attendees’ names entered via the online registration form or via import.  This will help in formatting the names for the conference badge and attendance certificates.  You can still edit the capitalization manually if needed.
  • Added support for showing attendee custom fields on the conference badge.
  • Added support for showing session custom fields on the conference certificate.
  • Added the new dynamic fileds "FirstName" and "LastName" in addition to existing "FullName" in the Badge Designer.  This allows showing the first name larger or on a different line for example.

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  Click here to see the Improved Certificate Designer.

Other Improvements

  • Ability for exhibitors to register for the conference exhibit using a customized Conference Tracker registration form.  This is similar to the attendees’ registration form.  Organizer can collect registration payment via their PayPal account.
  • Ability to send mass email to ‘operators’ or people who are responsible for signing attendees in and out.  This can be used to send the operators special instructions for example.
  • Added support for email attachments in the Email Broadcast feature of Conference Tracker.  This is useful if you need to send documents, images, or other files to all attendees or the attendees of certain sessions.
  • Added a Master Account for those using Conference Tracker with multiple conferences.  The Master Account allows you to access all your conferences from one master log-in.  You can also copy the badges, certificates, and settings from one conference to a new conference.  This feature is valuable for clients with annual Conference Tracker subscriptions.

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  • Online registration for Exhibitors. You can now create a custom exhibitor registration form to allow exhibitors to register online.  You can also collect the exhibitor registration fee via your PayPal account.
  • Added an exhibitor's "company" account that could have multiple sales rep each.  The manager at the exhibitor's company can view a report that shows the number of leads per rep and can also view all the leads for the exhibitor from the conference.
  • Added a new Leads by Vendor report for the conference organizer.  This will show you the total number leads each vendor collected at the conference.  Use this report as a marketing tool to get more exhibitors at your next conference.
  • Added the ability for exhibitors to create customized Quick Response fields to the Leads Retrieval app. These will appear after entering a new lead for recording additional custom info about each lead.
  • Added new item to the “Options” menu in the Leads app to “Email Leads” to the rep's email address on demand.
  • Renamed the Leads Retrieval app "Conference Leads" for clarity.
  • Created an Android version of the Conference Leads app.