Virtual CE Tracking and Reporting

23 April 2020

Offering continuing education credits is essential for many events. For several years, Engineerica has served the live meetings/events community in this vital task. We have perfected and automated the art of regulating, tracking, and reporting CEUs for the live event. We formulated a solution centered around providing valued attendees with continuing education hours. These hours translate into certifications and reports, keeping professionals licensed and employed.

Faced with our current virtual reality we recognize that virtual events need the ability to extend continuing education offerings to attendees more than ever before. Your attendees are at home, quarantined, able and willing to improve their skills. A continuing education credit or professional development certification offer may be the deciding factor on whether prospective attendees register for your virtual event.

However, with a CE event offering comes much responsibility. You must track attendance by session, assign specific credit amounts to sessions, ensure attendee participation and comprehension, calculate continuing education credits from your attendance tracking reports, and assign and distribute certificates to attendees after your virtual event is complete. Complicated? Absolutely! In a virtual environment these tasks become tedious, manually intense, and the CE credit event becomes a difficult undertaking.

An event management tool that enables automation for these tasks becomes a necessity. Let me dive into the mechanics of how this is done in a comprehensive software system built to handle this process.

Track Attendance

With the use of an event management tool, attendance tracking is automated. When your attendee selects their virtual session, our tool automatically tracks their attendance. You can also view detailed sign-in and -out time reports.

Assign Credit Amounts

You have the ability to assign the number of credits your attendees will receive based on their session attendance.

Ensure Attendee Participation and Comprehension

Polls, Q & A, and Surveys are offered through our system to assess engagement and comprehension while providing you with real-time analytical data. You can also limit your credit to be awarded only after attendees complete surveys assigned to them.

Calculate Continued Education Credits

CE credits are automatically calculated. Real-time reports can be generated on your participants' attendance and earned credit hours.

Assign and Distribute Certificates

Certificates are automatically generated for your eligible attendees through Conference Tracker. You can send these certificates to your attendees via email or attendees can download their certificates individually.

Virtual events are quickly becoming a necessity in today’s no-contact society. The ability to offer continuing education credits in an effective, regulated, and managed method ensures your attendees’ satisfaction. We can all come out of quarantine with professional development and education credits to improve our craft–staying licensed and employed.

Learn more about how we can help you automate your CEU processes with Conference Tracker here.


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