The Top 10 Ways to Streamline Your Next Event

8 October 2018

Everyone is looking for the best way to streamline their event and cut down on the frustrating hiccups and time-consuming tasks leading up to, during, and after the event. Engineerica Systems, Inc. has been in the event management and tracking business for over 20 years and here’s our top 10 ways to streamline your event…


1.  First, forget pen and paper! Invest in the latest technology for registration, badge creation and session attendance tracking.  Software is transforming the way event professionals handle these once time consuming tasks. Not only do you reduce the time spent on these tasks, but you remove any hassle of searching through long lists of names at the check-in desk and remove risk of losing records when shifting papers from the event location back to the office.

Take your CME certificates into the digital world! Implement software that allows you to create and distribute your certificates and transcripts all online.

3.  Build community among your attendees using social media with tags or a virtual platform. Using a platform in which attendees can post comments, photos, and ideas will enhance the attendee experience and allow for broader networking.

Know your session traffic. Using a software tool will allow you to generate snapshot reports and see where your attendees are going. This will enable you to make quick schedule and room changes at the event when needed.

5. Ease the burdens for your exhibitors by creating inviting exhibiting halls and providing options such as mobile device leads capture, where with just one click exhibitors have what they need to follow-up. Conference Leads will create this seamless exchange for exhibitors and attendees while they interact. This contributes toward a positive exhibitor experience and turns into their continued support for future events.

6.  Cut down on traffic funneling by making sign-in as-quick-as pressing a button. Implement a strategy that allows your conference staff to efficiently scan in your attendees into their sessions, either manually or automatically.

7.  Being able to market upcoming sessions while onsite is invaluable. Whatever solution you use, you should be able to see which sessions are hot and not. Being able to guide your attendees into the sessions they are most interested in attending through notifications and graphics will increase attendee satisfaction tenfold.

8.  A mobile app designed with your conference in mind will enhance your attendees’ conference experience greatly. Choose an app equipped with easy navigation and integrated session schedules, ability to allow attendees to read speaker bios and a localized social network.

9.  Interactive maps are a must for any event. These allow visitors to find their way to sessions and plan their day accordingly. Paper maps cause clutter, are easy to lose, and can be hard to read for some attendees. Implement interactive maps into your conference mobile app to allow attendees to quickly pull out their phones, check where they are, and see upcoming event locations.

10.  Find software that allows you to accurately obtain and sort conference feedback.  Features such as session feedback evaluations and conference surveys will help gauge the satisfaction of your attendees and the software you choose should be able to organize this data into analyzable graphs.

Implementing software is a must for today’s events. Make sure yours has these top ten features to have your event go off without a hitch!

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