New Version of Conference Tracker

3 December 2015

Engineerica Introduces New Version of Conference Tracker

We are pleased to announced the release of the second generation of Conference Tracker, our state-of-the-art conference tracking and management system. The latest release adds more functionality and customizable applications to meet the needs of the vast variety of conference, meeting, convention, and trade show personnel.

Conference Tracker is created for professionals who are seeking an automated attendance tracking and continuing education tracking solution.  The system makes it easy to track attendance at sessions and provides online registration and payment capability for attendees and exhibitors.  It also provides post conference reports and analytics that not only help in figuring out the ROI for the event but also in planning for future events.

“We are very excited about the new release of Conference Tracker,” said Mon Nasser CEO for Engineerica.  “We provide a cost-effective solution for meeting professionals in a broad spectrum of industries, and this release greatly enhanced the capabilities of the system. Our entire team collaborated closely with our customers to take our existing technology to the next level by expanding and incorporating all of the new features. The feedback we have received has been amazing!”

In addition to the new Conference Tracker release, Engineerica is also releasing a new version of Conference Leads, its lead retrieval system for exhibitors. This includes an Android and Apple iOS app for quickly capturing the lead’s contact information. A major enhancement to Conference Leads has been the addition of custom qualifiers to help figure out who is hot and who is not!  Each exhibitor’s company can create their own customized fields for qualifying leads and conveniently capture attendee information in and out of the exhibit hall.

Highlights of the new release, which touch upon virtually every component of Conference Tracker, include:

  • Online Session Registration
  • New CEU Transcript
  • Arrival Flagging Feature - know when a certain person checks in the conference.
  • Data Import and Export Enhancements
  • Ability for exhibitors to register for the conference exhibit using a customized Conference Tracker registration form.
  • Master account created to access all events with one log-in for users with multiple conferences.  This feature offers the ability to copy over configurations from one conference to another.
  • Ability to use italics, bold, and underline text in badges and attendance certificates.
  • And more!

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