Brand New features in Conference Tracker: Prize Wheels and Better Zoom Integration

26 April 2023

The Conference Tracker team has been working on frequent updates to our software to ensure it is the best event management solution for our clients. Today, we would like to showcase a couple of the new features that we have recently released.

Zoom Integration Updates
While we are seeing the return of on-site conferences, we still have a high number of hybrid and virtual events that we support. Due to this, we are constantly looking for ways to streamline the virtual setup of any conference to ensure the easiest implementation. This led us to our new Zoom Integration module!

When setting up your virtual sessions, you can sign in to your Zoom account directly from Conference Tracker to begin the process. Once signed in, Conference Tracker will load any meetings that you have scheduled via Zoom and allow you to easily connect them to your virtual session. Once connected, simply let Zoom know that you are ready to stream live, and your content will be available to all your online attendees.

Prize Wheel
Another great feature that we have added will surely benefit all your Exhibitors and Sponsors attending your conference: Prize Wheels!

Exhibitors and Sponsors can create a fully customized prize wheel using Conference Tracker. Exhibitors will be able to add different prizes, adjust payout percentages, and easily contact any winners via our easy-to-use Exhibitor Portal. By interacting with exhibitors, attendees will gain tickets that they can use to redeem spins for that company’s prize wheel. This feature is sure to attract even more attendees to your event’s Virtual Exhibit Hall, greatly increasing the number of leads your exhibitors will obtain.

Be sure to check back here soon to see what other exciting new updates are released for Conference Tracker, your #1 event management solution.


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