Conference Tracker Tip: Use Online Conference Surveys

Many conference organizers collect feedback on their conferences.  Usually paper surveys are given to attendees, filled out onsite, and then collected for analysis.  The surveys can be on a certain session or on the entire conference in general.

Using Conference Tracker, you can automate the feedback process and convert it to an electronic format.  Here is how:

1) Set up your survey on one of the many available online survey sites like SurveyMonkeyGoogle Docs, or other online survey creation sites.

2) Once your survey is done, copy its link / URL.

3) Send the link to your attendees via Conference Tracker "Email Broadcast" feature.  You can email the link to "All Attendees" for general conference surveys, or to the attendees of a certain session for session-specific surveys.  You can create your own template to invite people to answer the surveys.  Simply paste the survey link in the template.

4) Use your online survey site to view and analyze the feedback.

NOTE: You can also create surveys for exhibitors or presenters and email them to these groups using the Email Broadcast feature.

The Conference Attendee App, which is a companion app to Conference Tracker, also has its own Session Evaluation feature. With the Conference Attendee app, attendees will be able to complete session evaluation surveys straight from their phone and the results will be compiled on the Conference Tracker website for easy viewing and printing. For more information, check out the Conference Attendee website.