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Conference Tracker Monthly Sessions

Tech Talk with the Experts | Live Q&A | Conference Tracker User Spotlight

Register online for the Conference Tracker Monthly sessions using this link:

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Note: You can join us early at 12:55 PM Eastern Time to not miss out on any part of the session.

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Join us the third Tuesday of each month from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST. for a live knowledge-sharing and exchanging session.

For Current Conference Tracker clients, our weekly Tech Talk session segments are a chance to learn more about Conference Tracker and its capabilities. View a 15-minute presentation on the weekly topic and learn directly from our Conference Tracker Support Team.

For current and future Conference Tracker clients, our weekly Live Q&A session segments are your chance to learn more about Conference Tracker and how to properly use this software to best serve you and your students. Hear questions from other users and learn how they are utilizing Conference Tracker at their events.

The last segment is our Conference Tracker User Spotlight which is an opportunity for one of our Conference Tracker users to talk about their use of the software and its staff to highlight the great things they are doing with Conference Tracker. You’ll get to learn more about the software and the services it provides, the type of clients it serves, how many staff members they have, and more!

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