Conference Tracker Tip: Monitor Attendance in Real Time!

Conference Tracker makes it easy for you to monitor attendance at your conference!

Once your account has been setup prior to the conference then simply login to Conference Tracker with your account login information and you will see a chart showing live attendance activity as shown in the sample to the right.

As you can see from the sample to the right, this chart on the home screen gives you the following information at a quick glance:

  1. Number of swipes (sign-ins) during the past hour.
  2. Total number of swipes for today.
  3. Total number of swipes for the conference.
  4. Number of sessions tracked.
  5. Number of device operators (those scanning attendees' badeges).
  6. Number of attendees
  7. A chart showing the number of sign-ins during the past hour.
  8. A list of devices used for recording attendance along with their operational status.

NOTE: For you to see this information in real-time you'll need each scanning device to have an Internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular data connection) during the conference.  If your devices do not have access an Internet connection there is no need to worry as the devices will automatically save the attendance data on the device itself and will be uploaded when an active Internet connection is available.