Engineerica Conference Tracker – Event Management Software Import & Export Conference Data

Import & Export Conference Data

With Conference Tracker you have the ability to import and export your data. This saves time and effort in data entry before your event as well as with conference wrap-up tasks. For example, you might import your attendee lists and registration data from another system. You might export and share essential ROI data with stakeholders or export and offer marketing lists to partners as added value in their sponsorship package.

Import Data:

  • Administrators
  • Attendees
  • Contacts
  • Exhibitor Administrators
  • Exhibitor Representatives
  • Moderators
  • Operators
  • Presenters
  • Sessions
  • Session Registrations
  • Session Presenters
  • Session Tracks
  • Tracks
  • User Groups
  • User Groups Members

Export Data:

  • Attendees
  • Attendees Registration Info
  • Attendees Credits Info
  • Contacts
  • Groups
  • Group Members
  • Operators
  • Presenters
  • Exhibitor Reps
  • Exhibitor Reps Registration Info
  • Exhibitor Admins
  • Exhibitor Admins Registration Info
  • Sessions
  • Leads
  • Raw Swipes
  • Attendance Logs
  • Attendance Logs with Details
  • Check-In Logs
  • Delivered Handouts
  • Attendee Registrations
  • Exhibitor Registrations
  • Attendee Registration Analytics
  • Attendee Registration Analytics (Accepted Registrations Only)
  • Exhibitor Registration Analytics
  • Exhibitor Registration Analytics (Accepted Registrations Only)
  • Registration Based Financial Report
  • Session Registrations
  • Session Evaluations
  • Session Evaluation Comments
  • Survey Summary Results
  • Survey Text Responses
  • Poll Summary Results
  • Poll Summary Text Responses
  • # of Sign-Ins per Session
  • # of Attendees per Session
  • Leads App Users
  • Mobile Ad Views
  • Mobile Ad Views Summary
  • Social Feed Images/Videos/Files

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