Conference Tracker Features

What You Can Expect With Our Conference Registration Software:

Conference Tracker will save you a lot of time and manual work by automating time-consuming conference management tasks.  This automation will also increase the accuracy of your data and will enhance the overall attendee experience at your conference.  Since Conference Tracker is a cloud-based system, you can sign in to the system, perform tasks, and generate reports from anywhere with just a web browser. You can even view activities at the conference without having to be at the conference site!  Simply log in to your Conference Tracker account.

The following list highlights the main Conference Tracker functions:

  1. Attendee Registration: Create your own online attendee registration form.  The system can even take credit card payments.  For additional safety, the funds will be processed via your PayPal account.  If you do not have a PayPal account, they are easy and free to set up.
  2. Exhibitor Registration: Create an exhibitor registration form and collect payment from exhibitors.
  3. Conference Badge Generation: Design your conference badges and print them for your attendees, exhibitors, presenters, and staff.  Use special perforated badge paper, or simply use regular or card stock paper!  The printing can be done on standard office printer, which saves you the cost of buying or leasing specialized equipment.
  4. Conference Check-in: Quickly check attendees to the conference.  Keep track of handouts distribution like the conference bag.  Get notified when a VIP or a person of special needs checks in.
  5. Attendance Tracking at Sessions and Events:  Easily track attendance at your sessions by simply scanning the attendee badge at the door. Say goodbye to outdated and cumbersome barcode scanners and use off-the-shelf Android or Apple devices instead (iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone).   Record multiple in/out of the attendee per session, and let the system figure out the attendance time.  View the scans LIVE as they occur.  The scans are uploaded to the cloud in real-time.  However, if you do not have Internet at the session, the scans will be saved to the Android or Apple device and will be uploaded later when you get the connection.
  6. Credit Calculations: Let Conference Tracker calculate the Continuing Education Units (CEU), Continuing Medical Education (CME), Professional Development Credits, or other attendance credits each attendee earned at the conference.
  7. Communication: Easily send an email message to all your attendees, presenters, exhibitors, or staff.  Or send an email message to the attendees of a certain session.  Use mail merge for a more customized message.
  8. Attendance Certificate Generation: Use Conference Tracker to design your customized attendance certificates. Create the layout and text and add signatures and graphics. Conference Tracker will automatically add each attendee's name and attendance credits, if any.  Print out the certificates or have Conference Tracker deliver them via email.
  9. Conference Analytics: Run this handy tool to know things like your most popular sessions, busiest times, and number of attendees per session.  Use this for better planning for your next conference.  Figure out which session to offer in the future and plan your rooms accordingly.
  10. Data Export: Easily export your attendance data to Excel or CSV to use in other applications.
  11. And more!  We constantly enhance Conference Tracker with additional capabilities and features. Sign up for a complimentary demo to see the latest features.

Additional Conference Software Bonuses

In addition to the above capabilities, you can take advantage of the following services:

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval app

Allow your exhibitors to quickly capture attendee's contact info by simply scanning the attendee's badge with the exhibitor's Apple or Android app!  The contact info will be displayed on the phone or other mobile device, and uploaded to the exhibitor's cloud account for later retrieval.  Best of all, there is no cost to you, the conference organizer, for this service.  Actually, we will even pay you back a portion of the fee the exhibitors pay to use the optional lead retrieval system.  For more info click here.

Conference Attendee app

Give your attendees a convenient and personal guide to your conference with the attendee app.  The app will enhance the attendee experience and will help them make the most out of the conference.  For more information on the attendee app, please click here.

Excellent support

Conference Tracker comes with amazing support from our experienced team.  Our support staff will help you get your account ready for your conference.  Assistance is provided via phone, online support sessions, and email.  You also have access to extensive support resources.

Sign up for a complimentary demo of Conference Tracker today.