Event Management Software

If you want to achieve optimal results at each meeting it is helpful to create a post event report (PER) that benefits planners and clients alike.  A thorough report exposes both strengths, weaknesses and is a valuable tool in the efficiency in the planning and execution of future meetings.

This report will help you to get an overview of the profile of the meeting, including hotel dates and rates, and pre/post event listings. How many attended registration, fees and categories, attendee demographics, speakers, and a listing of sponsors and exhibitors. Added information on Marketing and promotional efforts allocated as costs. Expenditures associated with staff travel, speaker per diems, VIP expenses, subcontractors, transportation, and technology tools like attendance tracking, and an attendee app. etc.   Food & Beverage functions including final guarantees VS actual consumption (how many attendees) participated in catered events. Revenue generated from sponsorships, exhibitors and registrations. Monetary concessions such as percentage of profit from lead retrieval sales, complimentary rooms or any other in-kind concessions.

It can also give you feed back on the destination and hotel such details as fall under site research, the RFP process, and a summation of contracting and negotiations.

Project Management and your team’s amazing planning capabilities!   Since it is critical to adhere to deadlines, sharing your timeline will assist in the next conference planning cycle, especially with stakeholders that may not fully understand the critical importance of deadlines.

It is also important to include Meeting Space Logistics and Survey Results.

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