Engineerica Conference Tracker – Event Management Software Conference Tracker Tip: Send a Badge Preview to Attendees

Conference Tracker Tip: Send a Badge Preview to Attendees

You can send a preview of the conference badge to attendees so they can verify their information before the conference. Here is how:

  1. Create your badge in Conference Tracker using the Badge Design screen. If you want to prevent users from printing the badge at home, change the graphics on it or add the text “Preview” to it.
  2. In the main menu, click “Email” under “Badges”
  3. Choose your desired design from the drop down menu next to Badge Design.
  4. Click “Generate All Badges”
  5. On the next screen (Review and Send), click “Edit Email Contents”
  6. Enter the template for the email. See an example of this at the bottom of this page.
  7. Click “Email Badges”
  8. If you changed the graphics or added “Preview” (step 1 above), undo your changes and save.

Sample Template:

In the Subject, enter something like “Please confirm your conference badge information”

In the body of the message, enter text similar to the following. Note that you need to update text between the brackets < text > with your own:

Dear $Name$,

We are looking forward to seeing you on <Wednesday, March 12> at <the Orlando Convention Center> for the <2016 Southeast Conference>.

We used the information you provided during the registration process to create your conference badge. For a preview of this badge, please click the following link:


Please check your badge to ensure its accuracy. If you need to change information on your badge, please contact <Jim Smith> at <> or call <(407)555-01234>.

Thank you for confirming your information. We look forward to seeing you soon!



<2016 Southeast Conference Chair

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