Use Conference Tracker to manage space for the collaborative link between academic & professional presenters and their peers to accomplish a wealthy distribution of competitive knowledge in your industry. As an all-in-one solution for your conferencing needs, Conference Tracker alleviates the stress caused by having to learn and utilize multiple platforms.

Your Conference can help your audience to:

Conferences with Conference Tracker
  • Expand Knowledge and go beyond the field whether in a professional or educational setting.
  • Stay Current and be the first to discover the latest in-depth news and trends in the industry.
  • Learn from the best and meet industry influencers and learn from their recommendations.
  • Be Different and know what competitors are doing and how to set your company apart.
  • Build your network and use these opportunities to gain new customers and generate leads.
  • Apply Strategies and get professional tips on the latest industry developments and apply these strategies to your business.

Build excitement and market your event using Conference Tracker’s email builder

Import & Send

Import contact lists and send marketing emails from the system on a schedule to build hype, increase interest, and encourage registration.

Generate & Share

Generate and share coupons with restrictions to offer early bird pricing and accommodate referrals.

Prior & During

Prior to and during the event provide sneak-peeks and interesting event details, such as special guest speakers and after-hour meetups.

Conference Tracker streamlines the event organization system

Simplify the check-in process

Create self-check-in stations to minimize the risk of contact and reduce staffing needs.

Simply scan badges at the entrances with a mobile device to allow entry, record attendance, and gain insightful attendance analytics.

Simplify badge generation

Customize and design badges for all attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and event staff with a click of a button. Print badges or email them directly to your participants and staff beforehand to reduce time spent at check-in.


Expedite and customize event registration within the same system

Tailor your event page where attendees can easily access event details and registration forms. Quickly generate individual registration forms with question logic for both attendees and exhibitors and offer quick and easy registration for individual sessions or topic tracks. Even customize and design registration invoices and collect payments through Paypal, Stripe,, cash, or check.

Put the conference experience in your attendees’ hands with the Attendee mobile app

“Go Green” and put the conference details at your participants’ fingertips with the Attendee mobile app. Run a virtual session or fully virtual conference viewable through the web portal or the mobile app. Import maps and add digital tags to make it easy for attendees to find what they are looking for.

Immerse your audience through an array of interfacing tools

Provide networking opportunities with social feeds, profile browsing, exhibit halls, and appointments. Interact with and encourage audience participation on Conference Tracker’s social walls while promoting gatherings by encouraging attendees to chat and create appointments to meet up with each other. Give prizes for high scorers with gamification tools such as points for posts, built-in trivia games, and prize drawings.

Give valuable options with exhibitor and sponsorship options

Give your partners exposure through pop-up ads, sponsored content and videos, company profiles, and a virtual exhibit hall. Place your sponsors front-and-center on your event landing page and social wall banners and even allow exhibitors to upload promotional content, videos, and documents.

Provide lead generation and retrieval with the leads mobile app. Track lead generation as attendees navigate the conference, both virtually and on-site. Empower exhibitors to manage representatives, track qualifying questions, pull reports, and email lead lists to their representatives.

Know your ROI numbers are at a glance

View relevant data right from the Conference Tracker dashboard and download analytics for emailed contacts, including conversion rates and the number of messages sent. Export registration reports in Excel to analyze and share with other stakeholders and see financial reports displaying collected registration fees and revenue sources.

Market your partners brands and help them generate profitable leads

Conferences with Conference Tracker

Conference Tracker promotes an effective and clever way for exhibitors and sponsors to collect contact information and reduce time spent qualifying leads 

  • Empower your exhibitors so they can build custom qualifying questions in the mobile app to answer with a click of the button while on the show floor, reducing time spent requalifying leads after the event.
  • Enable exhibitors to easily scan badges with the Leads mobile app to save time on collecting contact information.
  • Give your partners access to reports of potential leads and conversion rates.
  • Empower your exhibitors so they can build custom qualifying questions in the mobile app to answer with a click of the button while on the show floor, reducing time spent requalifying leads after the event.

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