Conference Software Demo Information

What is Conference Tracker?

  • Web-based system used to automate attendance tracking for conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Professional Development Credits calculator and tracker.

What does the Conference Software do?

  • Provides a custom badge generator for attendees.
  • Tracks attendance to each conference session.
  • Reports attendance online. Save, email, or print the reports.
  • Provides custom attendance certificates for your conference which can be printed and/or emailed.
  • Calculates the Continuing Education Units (CEU) of Professional Development Credits each attendee earned for attending the conference sessions.
  • Provides a messaging center to communicate with you conference attendees.

Advantages of an Online System

  • Available anywhere, anytime.
  • All you need is a web browser, no need to install software.
  • Remotely view attendance reports.
  • Attendees can print badges before the conference from anywhere.

No IT Department Work Required

  • Get up and running in minutes.
  • No need to buy or setup servers or databases.
  • No waiting on your IT department.
  • Free support and updates included.
  • All you need is a web browser!

Quick, Easy & User-Friendly

  • Customizable
  • Rich user interface
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Fast and responsive
  • Easy to set up and use

Conference Tracker Service Included

  • Hosting the application and its database.
  • No hardware or software installation at your site.
  • Support via phone, email, and the online forum.
  • Software upgrades.

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