Continuing Education Credits


Convey knowledge, disseminate information, and share insights that your audience needs to stay up-to-date on the latest discoveries, news, and technological advances and empower your audience to stand out as a highly-skilled and specialized learner in their industry.

Continuing Education Events with Conference Tracker

Captivating opportunities for content dialogue between audience members to strengthen knowledge retention


Strengthen networking opportunities and build communities by sharing on Conference Tracker’s social boards. Build interest by posting questions to stimulate discussions and by sending out nudges for attendees to share notes and comments about what they are learning.


Distribute insightful documents and presentation documents from sessions to attendees. Ask attendees to post images of their experience as that helps create a sense of community. Invite participants to use Conference Tracker to schedule appointments in order to connect with each other later.

Your Continuing Education Event Can:

Provide Professional Development

Present professional development that leads to better career opportunities and promotions.

Enhance Connections

Encourage networking by creating connections that are essential for careers and business today.

Improve Image & Marketability

Build your organization’s image & marketability for current/future employers as a valuable element on resumes.

What does Conference Tracker do for Continuing Education?

Enhance the Experience

Enhance the Attendee Experience


Conference Tracker provides you with ample statistics on audience participation and tracks attendee engagement effectively and accurately while assigning sign-in/sign-out timeframes for sessions. See and edit attendance logs for each attendee and set up engaging after-session quizzes and/or assessments to assess comprehension. Improve your attendee experience by gathering feedback through surveys and polls.

Gather Reports

Gathering Reports


Professional development credits are assigned to sessions. The system automatically tracks who earned these credits based on your attendance and assessment requirements. See these statistics at a glance and pull reports with a click. Design your own customized CE/CEU certificates and print or send them out electronically via email. Access and send out continuing education credit reports to accreditation bodies through a simple process.

Continuing Education Events with Conference Tracker

Conference Tracker proposes an effortless way for your audience to capture sessions


Make it easier for attendees to meet their goals. Use Conference Tracker so that your participants will be able to quickly see and plan their participation in order to achieve certification requirements and professional development aspirations.


Utilize the attendee app and web portal to place the session program, event details, and event maps right in the palm of your audience. This also enables attendees to view streaming sessions from their phones or computer.

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