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The Top 10 Ways to Streamline Your Next Event

Everyone is looking for the best way to streamline their event and cut down on the frustrating hiccups and time-consuming tasks leading up to, during, and after the event. Engineerica Systems, Inc. has been in the event management and tracking business for over 20 years and here’s our top 10 ways to streamline your event…


1.  First, forget pen and paper! Invest in the latest technology for registration, badge creation and session attendance tracking.  Software is transforming the way event professionals handle these once time consuming tasks. Not only do you reduce the time spent on these tasks, but you remove any hassle of searching through long lists of names at the check-in desk and remove risk of losing records when shifting papers from the event location back to the office.

2.  Take your CME certificates into the digital world! Implement software that allows you to create and distribute your certificates and transcripts all online.

3.  Build community among your attendees using social media with tags or a virtual platform. Using a platform in which attendees can post comments, photos, and ideas will enhance the attendee experience and allow for broader networking.




4.  Know your session traffic. Using a software tool will allow you to generate snapshot reports and see where your attendees are going. This will enable you to make quick schedule and room changes at the event when needed.

5. Ease the burdens for your exhibitors by creating inviting exhibiting halls and providing options such as mobile device leads capture, where with just one click exhibitors have what they need to follow-up. Conference Leads will create this seamless exchange for exhibitors and attendees while they interact. This contributes toward a positive exhibitor experience and turns into their continued support for future events. 

6.  Cut down on traffic funneling by making sign-in as-quick-as pressing a button. Implement a strategy that allows your conference staff to efficiently scan in your attendees into their sessions, either manually or automatically. 

7.  Being able to market upcoming sessions while onsite is invaluable. Whatever solution you use, you should be able to see which sessions are hot and not. Being able to guide your attendees into the sessions they are most interested in attending through notifications and graphics will increase attendee satisfaction tenfold.

 8.  A mobile app designed with your conference in mind will enhance your attendees’ conference experience greatly. Choose an app equipped with easy navigation and integrated session schedules, ability to allow attendees to read speaker bios and a localized social network.

9.  Interactive maps are a must for any event. These allow visitors to find their way to sessions and plan their day accordingly. Paper maps cause clutter, are easy to lose, and can be hard to read for some attendees. Implement interactive maps into your conference mobile app to allow attendees to quickly pull out their phones, check where they are, and see upcoming event locations.

10.  Find software that allows you to accurately obtain and sort conference feedback.  Features such as session feedback evaluations and conference surveys will help gauge the satisfaction of your attendees and the software you choose should be able to organize this data into analyzable graphs.

Implementing software is a must for today’s events. Make sure yours has these top ten features to have your event go off without a hitch!

Let Conference Tracker help you step up your conference. Conference Tracker’s suite of software and mobile apps will help your organization set-up, manage, and close your event—hassle-free.

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Conference Management Tools Update

Engineerica Releases New Version of its Conference Management Tools

Engineerica Systems Inc. is thrilled to announce a major new release of Conference Tracker and its Conference Attendee and Conference Leads apps. This cloud-based software suite is designed to help conference and event planners in the time-intensive and sometimes complex work of organizing and managing a conference. In addition to handling the conference registration, badging, check in, and attendance tracking, the suite offers an attendee app with an electronic conference guide and social network.  It also offers an exhibitor lead retrieval app to help exhibitors collect and organize their leads.
This latest release of the conference management suite includes numerous new features and improvements designed to enhance the user’s experience. Here are the highlights of the improvements in this release:

Conference Tracker Software Improvements


  • Registration Discounts Code: Offer online registration discount coupon to both attendees and exhibitors.
  • Picture Gallery: Project conference photos from the social app on your wall.
  • Multi-Badge Design: Useful in identifying registration status. For example, you can have a different badge design for attendees who have an Expo pass but no session access.
  • Email Log: Allows you to track outgoing messages including automated emails, attendance certificates, etc.
  • Linking to Past Conferences: Allows you to copy the online registration form, badge design, certificates, CEU report, and admins from a past conference.
  • Other Improvements: These include enhancements to the online registration form, Email Broadcast tool, Badge Designer, and more!

Attendee App Improvements

The attendee app enhances your attendees’ experience by offering them an online conference guide, exhibit guide, social network, session ratings, personal notes, and more! The latest update offers many improvements including:

  • Quick and Easy Sign-in: Conference attendees will get an automated email message with a link that attendees can click to download and sign in to the app without needing to type a sign-in ID and password.
  • New App Analytics: You can now get app insight for sessions, exhibitors and sponsors including # of times viewed and # of times bookmarked.
  • Enhanced conference social network. This includes post flagging and moderation.
  • Other improvements including "Popular Now" view of social posts, automatic reminders for bookmarked and registered sessions, easier photo update, and cross linking to session info, speakers and attendees.  


Leads App Improvements

The exhibitor lead retrieval app, Conference Leads, was updated with the following:

  • New simplified sign-in option via email link. With the click of a button, the system will send all registered sales reps an email message with a link that allows them to download and sign in to the Conference Leads app.
  • Display of attendees’ photos uploaded via the Attendee app. Exhibitor can also take the photo if they like.
  • Ability to turn on/off the custom qualifier questions from the app.
  • New 'Conference Information' screen.
  • New Conference Leads Report that shows the Conference Leads app sales.
  • Many other improvements including enhanced user interface.

The attendee app and the leads retrieval app are available for both the Apple iOS and Android devices.


Contact us for more information!

Engineerica - April Products Update

At Engineerica, we are constantly working to improve our products and services as we want to enrich your experience and provide you with best systems possible. This blog will give you brief updates on our current work.

AccuCampus Ignite

AccuCampus is built to Track, Engage and Retain students at your entire campus.

A couple of weeks ago we showcased AccuCampus at the League of Innovation conference in Maryland. This included a presentation with one of the AccuCampus clients and a 10-minute Ignite presentation. You can view the latter here


We’d love for you to take the challenge from our video and tell us your story.  Contact us today to learn how AccuCampus can help your institution.


Accudemia Update

A couple of months ago we sent out a survey to Accudemia users to find out what they would like to see improved in the software.  The response has been amazing with close to 350 users filling out the survey.  It took a few weeks to analyze the data and figure out a development plan for Accudemia.  Here are the highlights of this plan:

  • We are releasing the Accudemia upgrade in two phases.  The first phase will update the theme or look of the system, while the second phase will include additional improvements.
  • Phase I involves updating more than 250 project files and will take a total of two months development time and is planned for release at the end of this month.
  • Not only will Accudemia get a transforming facelift after Phase I, but it will also work on smaller screens including mobile devices like tablets and smart phones (with a responsive design).
  • In phase II we will implement the most popular user requests as learned from the survey and other user feedback.  This includes new scheduled reports functionality, better appointment scheduling interface, per-center terminology, and a lot more!


AccuTrack / AccuSQL 2019

AccuTrack/AccuSQL is the best tool for academic center management, and we are working hard to make it even better!

Recently we asked AccuTrack/AccuSQL users to complete a survey regarding improvements they want to see in the 2019 upgrade.  We recevied valuable feedback and our developers have already started incorporating.

A popular request is an update the look of the software. We’re a bit partial to the current design, so we’d love some suggestions of specific things we can change to improve the look of AccuTrack/AccuSQL. We invite you to email us your ideas.


Conference Tracker

Conference Tracker is a solution for any event planner looking to improve their event/conference and provide an enhanced experience for their attendees and exhibitors.

Our focus is on an update to the ConferenceAttendee app of Conference Tracker.  This app offers numerous benefits to attendees including:

  • A Conference Social Network where attendees can post comments, photos, and files during and after the event.
  • A Conference Guide so attendees have the session descriptions and schedule at their fingertips.
  • An Exhibit guide providing information about conference sponsors, exhibitors, and sales reps.
  • A Notes section for attendees to easily type notes regarding the sessions, speakers, and other important details they don’t want to forget.
  • Feedback Surveys giving attendees a place to rate sessions thereby giving the meeting planners valuable feedback for future event planning.
  • An Electronic Conference Pass for improving conference registration and entry processes.
  • And much more!

If you have an event or conference coming up, contact us for a complimentary walk-through of Conference Tracker.


Conference Tracker New Release

December 5, 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of the newest version of Conference Tracker.  This latest release offers many new improvements, much of which were requested by users such as yourself!  Here is a list of the changes:

New Features

  • Social Network: Using their Conference Attendee app, attendees can now share comments, photos, videos, and other files.  They can also comment on other attendees’ posts, and they can Like the posts as well. Each attendee can upload their photo or avatar to display to other attendees.  
  • Messaging: Attendees can now send messages to each other or chat using the Conference Attendee app.
  • File Sharing: Attendees and Presenters can now share files via the Conference Attendee app.  This is useful, for example, if a Presenter wants to share their session presentation or notes with the attendees.
  • Interactive Maps: You can now add maps showing the venue and/or exhibit space and display pop ups on the image with more details.  For example, you can display the exhibit floor map and tag it with exhibitors' names and location.
  • Notes: Attendees can now take notes on sessions or anything else via the Conference Attendee app. Attendees can share the notes with others or email them to themselves.
  • Presenters Info: Attendees can now view the presenter’s photo, shared files, posts, and sessions via the Conference Attendee app.  Attendees can even message the presenter via the app.
  • Sponsors Info: Attendees using the Conference Attendee app can now view sponsors info including a custom level (e.g. Platinum, Gold and Silver). The representative's contact info can also be displayed.
  • Gamification to Encourage Engagement: You can now give attendees points for social network engagement via the Conference Attendee app.  This includes points for posting videos, photos, text messages, comments, and likes.  The score appears on the Conference Attendee app.  You can encourage engagement by offering prizes for top contributors.  
  • Ability to Advertise Conference Attendee App: You can let Conference Tracker inform the attendees about the Conference Attendee app, how to download it, and how to log in to it for the first time (for those who choose this optional software).
  • Front and Back badge: You can now generate a badge with front and back print out!  This is useful, for example, if you want to show the attendee's session registration or put the QR code on the back of the badge..
  • Electronic Badge:  Attendees can now display their QR barcode on their device screen to get scanned into sessions!  This feature is useful if you want attendees to sign in and out with their smartphones.
  • Badge Border Control: You can now control whether to print out a border around badges generated by Conference Tracker.  The border is useful if you are manually cutting the paper.  If, on the other hand, you are using perforated paper, then it’s better not to print out the border. The same functionality was added to the generation of QR stickers as well.   
  • Attendee Photo: You can now view the photo of the attendee in the Conference Tracker software.  The photo can be uploaded by each attendee via their Conference Attendee app.
  • Session Attendance Summary Report: You can now view, print or export a report that shows the number of attendees per session at the conference. Handy for planning your next conference!
  • Attendee Groups: You can now put attendees into groups.  You can create the group manually or via import.  You can filter the badge generation, attendance certificate generation, and CEU Certificate by a certain group.  This is useful if you want to apply different rules of credit per group of attendees.
  • Contact Information Analytics: Know how complete the contact information is within the database.  Especially helpful in conjunction with the exhibitor Lead Retrieval app.
  • Survey Required for Credits: Now you can require attendees to answer a session survey as a condition for receiving attendance credits for that session.  The survey questions are created online and answered via the Conference Attendee app.

Improved Features

  • Per Session Feedback Survey: You can now customize the feedback survey per session, or use one generic feedback survey for all the sessions.  The feedback is submitted via the Conference Attendee app.
  • Scheduled Announcements: You can now create announcements beforehand and schedule them to automatically broadcast at a certain date and time.  The announcements are made via the Conference Attendee app.
  • Session By Date View: This view has been separated by day using a tabbed view in the Conference Attendee app.
  • Ratings Analytics Speed: This screen now comes up much faster due to the collapse of the charts in it.  You can then view charts of interest by opening them.  Also this screen now shows the total number of respondents to each question.
  • Conference Basic Info screen: This screen now shows the account's information including: the limit on the attendee count, whether the Conference Attendee app is enabled, and whether Lead Retrieval is enabled.  You can request to increase the limit or to enable services via this screen too.   
  • CE Report Design Copying: When creating new Conference Tracker account and transferring information to it from an existing accounts, you can now copy the CE Report.
  • Session Registration Info: Added the attendee’s session registration information to their registration confirmation email.  
  • Badge Designer: Added instructions on how to properly align the badge when printing.  Also made it easier to add or remove the background image to the badge.
  • Company Reps: Now you can view the reps of each company in the Company’s screen.  Useful for exhibitors.

The new and updated features have been published and are now available in Conference Tracker and its Conference Attendee app. If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of the new features, please contact us.  


The Professional Pricing Society is Using Conference Tracker at their 28th Annual Event!

Engineerica is proud to announce that the Professional Pricing Society will be utilizing our Conference Registration and Event Management Software, at their 28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference, which makes attendance tracking and networking so much easier for you!

Our Conference Tracking System allows for easy check-ins and check-outs for the hosts as well as real-time tracking of sessions, ability to customize and print registrations, the ability to see what sessions were a hit, with post conference analytics to help with planning future events.

The Professional Pricing Society (PPS) will be in Miami, FL hosting this event. At this conference, business professionals from leading companies deliver presentations and workshops that cover margin enhancement, revenue, management, sales, profitability, and more.

At the Professional Pricing Society Conference you will experience the following:

Keynote Speakers
Pricing Practitioners
Tools & Techniques
Configured Price Quote
Sales Enablement Breakout Tracks

For more information on this event, visit their website,


28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference
The Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel
1601 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132
May 2-5, 2017

Going Green - 101

No matter the size of your organization’s meetings and events, it only takes a few easy steps to build an eco-friendly and sustainable meeting experience.  These small steps will add to your budget’s bottom line, positively influence your attendees, and give back to the community impacted by your meeting/conference.  There are many levels to sustainability and I will describe a few best practice implementation strategies in the paragraphs that follow. 
The first step is building a sustainability policy for your organization.  Do your research and formulate a committee to assist in creating these baseline policies.  Make sure you set reasonable and achievable goals.  This policy will provide a foundation and set expectations when you begin the planning cycle for your meeting/conference.      
Follow your sustainability policy and communicate it directly into the goals and objectives of your RFP.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau’s (CVB’s), hotels, and convention centers are all focusing on sustainability and will be happy to share their efforts with you.  Working together to focus on sustainable events will help to align your green efforts.   
For additional information, programs such as Green Key Global and their Green Key Meetings Program– are set up the for hospitality industry to set and rate lodging and event facilities in N. America.  Also, The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the most recognized third party certification for green buildings and design.  
Incorporating locally sourced food provides fresh and seasonal ingredients for your catering functions and it is a great way for your attendees to experience another aspect of the regional destination.  
Instead of having water at each table in pitchers or plastic bottles, ask that there be water coolers in your meeting rooms or in the hallways.  Use recyclable plates, utensils, cups, and napkins to reduce the conference’s carbon footprint and minimize water usage.  Donate leftover food to shelters.  Note: this strategy can vary drastically depending on the type of food and the laws that govern the city, state, and/or region where you are holding your event. 
Energy and Transportation
Make sure your meeting site is centrally located to help reduce the environmental impact.  Instead of having to take a bus to the meeting site, your attendees can walk.    Encourage your attendees to do so by supplying them with simple routes to and from the venue. You can even provide a place for your attendees to slip off their walking shoes and store them while at the conference.  
Paperless Technology
Still using a paper program?  An easy way to go green is to get rid of those 80 page programs that go out of date before you even print them.  Instead, use an app! Your sponsors are happy to share or cover the costs of having an attendee app for dynamic ad placement. 
Tracking attendance?  Streamline your tracking through a cloud-based smartphone device.  This strategy eliminates the need for paper sign-in sheets completely. No more losing data or compiling multiple spreadsheets either.  This alternative allows you to instantly produce certificates which include credits earned at your conference, which can be sent out electronically. 
Speaking of electronic methods, use email to distribute details prior to your event.  Electronic surveys can be sent out with thank you notes and attendance certificates once your event has concluded. 
Tell your exhibitors that your organization is making strides to go green at the conference this year.  You can ask them to minimize the giveaway literature and consider a personal email with links or attachments.  Offering exhibit companies a fast and easy alternative to asking the attendees to fill out a sales sheet will substantially limit paper use.  Using a lead retrieval app will streamline this process while reducing your carbon footprint. Be sure that the app has the ability to provide customizable questions that make for a concise and timely follow up.  With the right company, you will generate revenue while reducing waste!
Communicate with your attendees and exhibitors to get them excited about the effort.  This open channel of communication will get them involved with your efforts. It is also great PR for your conference during all phases. 
Make it fun!
Share facts about walking and how many calories your attendees are burning, not to mention improving their own lives, while reducing their carbon footprint.  Consider a localized Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project to give back to the community.  Offer morning wellness programs such as a bike rides or a fun walks. 
Incorporating sustainability into your meeting/conference, trade show, or event is a victory for everyone.  I encourage you to take this challenge and increase your awareness of this worthy cause.  Implementing these basic steps can sprout your future sustainability efforts, and impact the attendees experience while saving your organization some serious “green”.    

Using a Technology Mindset to Transform the Attendee Experience

As meeting professionals, we strive to make our meetings, conventions, and exhibitions more sustainable.  Enhancing the attendee experience and coloring outside the traditional conference template is beneficial for attracting emerging leaders and new customers. In addition to offering superior education to improve the attendee experience, delivering the right technology differentiates your meetings from others in your marketplace.

Attendee Apps

Comprehensive attendee solutions include features such as multi-channel communications, live polling, survey collection and real time program updates.

In addition to education, attendees are also looking for meaningful engagement by creating more connections. Providing multiple platforms to communicate with each other is imperative.  Enabling attendees to communicate with one another directly from a smartphone application can create further networking opportunities at your conference.  Offering many forms of networking that is exclusive to your participants strengthens attendee engagement and initiates conversations over shared interests other than the traditional face-to-face methods (which are still very important to any conference).

Live polls during sessions can provide insightful feedback for both speakers and attendees.  Session surveys provide an invaluable tool for data collection that enhances future planning and also ensures the program is matching your attendee’s expectations and educational needs. 

Making your agenda digitally available is a cost effective way to help your attendees organize and create a personal schedule.  Attendee applications also greatly enhance your onsite communications ability by relaying notices or program updates via immediate push notifications.

Session Tracking

Offering continuing education credits is often the driving force behind attendee participation at your conference.  However, keeping track of each attendee’s credits can be a pain point for many organizations. To simplify the process, staff often provide only minimum support and trust participants to self-report their credit hours. While this may seem like a simple solution, self-reporting credits can actually lead to inaccuracies that may compromise the very purpose and integrity of the sessions. However, thanks to technological advancements in the meetings and events industry, many organizations are now able to easily track session attendance electronically. This option allows for real time data collection and improves the accuracy of the credits being awarded. On the same token, this technology takes the responsibility off of your attendees, therefore improving their event experience.

Lead Retrieval App

Exhibitors make a significant investment to participate in a show, so having face-to-face time with your attendees is paramount.  Technology greatly improves the ability to acquire key contact information for every prospect at a show - no matter the size.  By simply scanning a QR code, exhibitors can capture attendee contact information in real time, thus eliminating the need for business cards, paper forms, or waiting for spreadsheets to be emailed after the show.  Lead retrieval systems now offer custom qualifying questions and notes to further qualify each lead and allow for immediate follow up after the show.

In a fast paced world, technology can revolutionize your conference.  Adopting an innovative philosophy provides positive ROI for your conference. Applying these methods, you too will see continued growth while providing powerful tools into the hands of your participants.

The PERfect Ending to your Event - Creating your Post Event Report

As a meeting planner I am always looking to make sure that my customers (whether internal or external) achieve optimal results at each meeting.  Once a conference has wrapped up, and before I escape to my oasis, I make sure to produce a post event report (PER) that benefits planners and clients alike.  A thorough report exposes both strengths, weaknesses and is a valuable tool in the efficiency in the planning and execution of future meetings.   The core elements to constructing this report are described and outlined in this blog.  Since all conferences and events are unique there may be more or less elements needed in your PER.



This section should include general information about the meeting, including: 

The profile of the meeting, including hotel dates and rates, and pre/post event listings.

How many attended registration, fees and categories, attendee demographics, speakers, and a listing of sponsors and exhibitors. 

Summary of Finances

This section consists of the management and activities of funds for the conference otherwise known as the budget.  The budgetary items include: 

Marketing and promotional efforts allocated as costs.  

Expenditures associated with staff travel, speaker per diems, VIP expenses, subcontractors, transportation, and technology tools like attendance tracking, and an attendee app. etc.   

Food & Beverage functions including final guarantees VS actual consumption (how many attendees) participated in catered events.  

Revenue generated from sponsorships, exhibitors and registrations. 

Monetary concessions such as percentage of profit from lead retrieval sales, complimentary rooms or any other in-kind concessions.   

Destination and Hotel 

This section demonstrates the details that fall under site research, the RFP process, and a summation of contracting and negotiations.  Items to include:

Cities considered.

Properties considered.

Concessions offered and established.

Room rates and meeting space rental.

Any value ads offered by destination.

Final pickup VS room block. 

Project Management

In this section, you can demonstrate you and your team’s amazing planning capabilities!   Since it is critical to adhere to deadlines, sharing your timeline will assist in the next conference planning cycle, especially with stakeholders that may not fully understand the critical importance of deadlines.


Meeting Space Logistics

In this section answer the question “Did the meeting space allocated meet the needs of your speakers and participants?”  Use metrics such as the top 50 most popular sessions based on attendance and data on sessions that were over or under capacity.  Including information such as the average time the attendees spent in a session - or all of the sessions collectively - is also great information.  Ultimately, you can use this section to aid in guiding key players to think about the “big picture” and to better communicate pathways for future meeting attendance growth.


Survey Results

The sooner the surveys are delivered, the better the chance you will have for a higher response rate from your attendees, sponsors, and also exhibitors.  While it is still fresh in their minds, I recommend including of pie/bar charts and a concise summary of overall comments.  

Creating and reviewing your PER is an important process in evaluating the ROI of the conference internal and external stakeholders. Plus, it is a valuable resource that captures historical data to “smooth the path” for future planning.  Happy post event reporting!

See how Conference Tracker can assist with your PER requirements using a cloud based solution. With Conference Tracker you can:

- Track sessions and CEU reporting.
- Generate conference analytics using charts and reports.
- Capture sales leads quickly and accurately.
- Engage your attendees by providing an Attendee App.

Don’t Let Conference Surveys Fall by the Wayside

In the midst of so many responsibilities during past conference or trade show cycles, I admit that as a meeting professional I have missed out on significant data collection and feedback by “going through the motions” using subpar, or even non-existent, surveying techniques.  I now realize the importance of surveys and how they play a major role in any organizational strategy.   Surveys are a great way to demonstrate the act of listening and also doing.  

Instead of using the same old survey year after year, it may be time to overhaul or at least audit what, when, and who you are surveying.  I promise you that this will not be a statistical blog (as there is a science to this methodology).  Instead, I want to share how leveraging surveys will make a difference in your organization’s future.  

Well before your annual conference or meeting takes place, start building the framework for your survey.  Think big picture and include other departments that can take advantage of using the survey, too.  For example, membership may need direct input from members and the post conference survey is a great avenue for them to obtain a wider response.  

Throw away your paper session surveys and the manual process for inputting the responses, and provide your attendees with an app to capture immediate session feedback. It will save both you and, more importantly, your attendee’s valuable time and allow you to collect feedback while their thoughts on a session are still fresh in their minds.  Also, provide rewards for filling out any survey and communicate the importance of their response. Finally, providing an app is also a great way to improve attendee engagement at the event.   

It is vital to keep a positive and open dialogue with your sponsors and exhibitors however the survey should be separate from the attendee survey.  Building and maintaining an open relationship is the cornerstone to both understanding and fulfilling the needs of your supporters.  Survey them after the show to gather their feedback about the hall traffic, hours, and tools used, such as a lead retrieval system. 

Instead of filing the content and responses away, the feedback from the surveys should be shared with all of your stakeholders, especially your leadership and Board of Directors. Your post conference survey can help your organization’s various departments throughout the year.  And although the entire survey results may not pertain to your planning committee, it is vital to share the feedback and comments on the content and speakers.  Further, be sure to share the survey responses with your speakers.  I like to send a thank you note and attach their session survey results from me.  I also make sure to follow up with a hand written note from the committee chair and my CEO or Executive Director.  Ultimately, you need to get your results in the hands of those that matter. When it’s time for outlining next year’s session schedule and getting your conference committee in action, auditing the results will be invaluable for setting your team in the right direction.  

To see how your attendees can use session surveys and other features on our Conference Attendee app at your next event, trade show, conference, or convention, contact us.

Conference Tracker New Release

We are pleased to announce a new release of Conference Tracker with many new enhancements.  These enhancements were mostly based on users' feedback and requests.  Here is a list of these enhancements:


  1. Added a new session evaluation analytics report. This is a chart based report that provides statistical information on the feedback collected from surveys on the different sessions. 
  2. If using a Conference Tracker generated card ID, the ID is now10-character random alphanumeric strings (e.g. 6C468820BE) instead of sequential ID number.
  3. Added support for single 4"*3" label for the conference badge.  This is useful for on-site label printers.  
  4. Enabled badges, certificates and transcripts to show user defined custom registration fields.  They can also show the user custom fields.
  5. Added a new file export that shows the attendees and their registration information.  The export is titled "Attendees incl. Reg Info".
  6. Added new e-mail templates for sending automatic registration confirmation to exhibitors.  The template is now different for when registration to conference only is accepted vs. registration to conference and Conference Leads.
  7. Added the ability to import companies and their information.  This is useful for importing exhibitors into the system.
  8. Added the option to update the registration information in the user (not while editing the registration itself which will remain as-is, but when changing the attendee that is already in the system).
  9. Users’ edit screen now shows “(# not assigned)” next to the user’s full name when he does not have a card assigned. In the case he has a card number assigned the # is shown.
  10. Bug fixes and other minor changes.


  1. The attendee app now displays session descriptions.  These can be imported in.
  2. Login flow for new users has been enhanced.  When an attendee signs in to the app for the first time, they will automatically get an e-mail message with their new password sent to their email address in the Conference Tracker database.  If the person attempting to log in to the app is not an attendee, then a message is shown suggesting to contact the conference organizer.
  3. Exhibitors now can be marked as sponsors of the conference. Organizers can customize sponsor types (defining name, color, importance, etc.…). The attendee app has now a new section to display sponsors!
  4. Expanded the orange statistics box to show number of attendees who logged into the Conference Attendee app and number of users of Conference Attendee App. 


  • Added a new section in the app that shows Engineerica’s support e-mail and phone number.

We hope you will find these improvements useful.  Feel free to suggest enhancements for future releases on our user feedback site here: 


Maintenance on Nov 24 & 25

We just wanted to let you know that during the Thanksgiving holiday and the Friday after that (November 24 and 25), we will be performing maintenance tasks on our servers. The following services will be down most of the time those 2 days: Accudemia, Conference Tracker, Conference Leads, AccuClub, AccuTraining, AccuCampus.

If you need to use one of those services during those days, we have Apps you can download to use those services offline. You would just need to prepare your devices in advance to be able to track attendance during those days.

We expect the maintenance tasks will help improve the service we provide.

For more information, contact or give us a call at 888-249 7227

Thank you,

The Engineerica Team

Conference Tracker APPeals to the Attendee

In the meeting and event planning industry organizers are always on the lookout for the latest innovations and technology to improve meeting or event ROI. In response to their desire to continuously improve Conference Tracker would like to introduce our latest product – Conference Attendee.  Conference Attendee is an App that enhances the attendee event experience and maximizes your event planner's time and adds value to the organization’s investment.  The Conference Attendee App is available at no cost to those who purchase Conference Tracker and is free for your attendees to download on their Apple or Android devices.  The App is integrated directly with Conference Tracker and includes the following features:

  • Deliver event agendas, floorplans, and local information instantly inside the custom branded App
  • Session Evaluations: Receive immediate feedback and a higher response on your session content by using the quick and easy survey option
  • Transform your audience into active participants with push notifications and the ability to bookmark sessions they are interested in attending
  • View the exhibitor booths at the conference and find their booth number, company description, contact information, and bookmark the companies to visit

If you are interested in a demonstration or more information on the Conference Attendee App for your next conference or event, contact us toll free at 888-249-7227, email or visit our Website at

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New Version of Conference Tracker

Engineerica Introduces New Version of Conference Tracker

We are pleased to announced the release of the second generation of Conference Tracker, our state-of-the-art conference tracking and management system. The latest release adds more functionality and customizable applications to meet the needs of the vast variety of conference, meeting, convention, and trade show personnel. 

Conference Tracker is created for professionals who are seeking an automated attendance tracking and continuing education tracking solution.  The system makes it easy to track attendance at sessions and provides online registration and payment capability for attendees and exhibitors.  It also provides post conference reports and analytics that not only help in figuring out the ROI for the event but also in planning for future events. 

“We are very excited about the new release of Conference Tracker,” said Mon Nasser CEO for Engineerica.  “We provide a cost-effective solution for meeting professionals in a broad spectrum of industries, and this release greatly enhanced the capabilities of the system. Our entire team collaborated closely with our customers to take our existing technology to the next level by expanding and incorporating all of the new features. The feedback we have received has been amazing!”

In addition to the new Conference Tracker release, Engineerica is also releasing a new version of Conference Leads, its lead retrieval system for exhibitors. This includes an Android and Apple iOS app for quickly capturing the lead’s contact information. A major enhancement to Conference Leads has been the addition of custom qualifiers to help figure out who is hot and who is not!  Each exhibitor’s company can create their own customized fields for qualifying leads and conveniently capture attendee information in and out of the exhibit hall.  

Highlights of the new release, which touch upon virtually every component of Conference Tracker, include:

  • Online Session Registration

  • New CEU Transcript

  • Arrival Flagging Feature - know when a certain person checks in the conference.

  • Data Import and Export Enhancements

  • Ability for exhibitors to register for the conference exhibit using a customized Conference Tracker registration form.  

  • Master account created to access all events with one log-in for users with multiple conferences.  This feature offers the ability to copy over configurations from one conference to another.

  • Ability to use italics, bold, and underline text in badges and attendance certificates. 

  • And more!

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Check out the new and improved look of the first edition of the Engineerica Newsletter in 2014!  We are all set to same commitment of keeping you up-to-date on all the latest software updates, new releases, and company news!  We are announcing Accudemia is Awarded Readers' Choice Top Product of 2013, Conference Tracker App's New Release, inviting you to join us for a Conference Tracker Webinar, anouncing New AccuClass Features, and provinding Important Tips for AccuTrack 2014/AccuSQL 2014 and Accudemia.

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