Engineerica Conferences and Events Promoting Your Exhibitors Virtually

Promoting Your Exhibitors Virtually

One of the toughest questions to answer throughout our new virtual event landscape is how do we transfer our sponsors and exhibitors to an online environment? Here at Conference Tracker, we have been helping exhibitors with our Conference Tracker and Conference Leads software package for years, and our services extend to our virtual conferences as well. Here are the many features we offer with our Conference Tracker suite:


  • Company Profiles:
    • Each company is offered an entirely customizable profile where they can add:
      • Name and Description
      • Logo
      • Booth Location
      • Contact Information (Email, Phone Number, Address, Website)
      • Social Network integration
      • Designate the main contact person
      • Promotional Content
        • Our Promotional Content section allows a company to upload either an image or a video about their company.
        • Our Attendee App offers a Virtual Exhibit Hall where all Promotional Content is gathered in one easy to view place. Users of the Attendee app can quickly scroll through all available Promotional Content, and if they are interested in what a Company has to offer they can visit their profile from this screen as well.
    • Depending on the company’s role in the conference, this information will be accessed and maintained differently.
  • Exhibitor Companies:
    • Conference Tracker allows you to create a separate registration for your Exhibitors, giving them a different role in your conference.
    • If an Exhibitor signs up with their company information, they will have access to edit their own company information through the Conference Tracker website.
    • All of your attendees can view exhibitor Company profiles through our Conference Attendee app. Exhibitor Companies are located in their own section of the app. They are also available on our Public Event Page, which we will go over momentarily.


  • Sponsor Exhibitor Companies:
    • An Exhibitor Company can go one step further and become a Sponsor Company.
    • A Sponsor Exhibitor Company has all of the features an exhibitor company offers, but they will be categorized in another section of the public event page and the Attendee app, making them stand out even more at your conference.
    • Sponsor Exhibitor Companies will also have access to a Sponsored Ad Post on the social feed. This will post every so often throughout your event. The Conference Admin can customize the information, and the post can include text, links and an image.
      • If you have multiple sponsored companies, you can designate different levels of sponsorship. This way, the ads will be cycled and sorted throughout the day by sponsorship level.


  • Public Event Page:
    • The Public Event Page offers a lot of great marketable information about your conference, such as a banner, session schedules, and links to your registration forms. This page also includes all of your Exhibitor Companies and Sponsor Exhibitor Companies.
    • The Public Event Page is a great way to share all of your Exhibitor and Sponsor Exhibitor Companies’ information since this page can be linked to any person. There is no need to be registered for the event.
    • Your Exhibitor and Sponsor Exhibitor Companies will be categorized separately on this page as well.
  • Advertisement Opportunities/Mobile Ads:
    • Aside from the Sponsored Ads that we offer to Sponsor Companies, we have other ad space available for any company that displays on the Conference Attendee app. 
    • These will only display while using the Attendee app.
    • Conference administrators can choose to sell these to their Exhibitors/Sponsors, or just allow them to use for free. We are not involved in the pricing/sales of these ads at all.
    • Each ad can be linked to a specific Exhibitor/Sponsor.
    • When a user presses the ad, they can be either taken to a designated website, or the company profile within the Attendee app.
    • We offer three types of ads:

      • Pop Up Ad:  
        • This ad will show an image as a pop up on your mobile screen. You can customize how frequently your mobile ad will pop up in the settings.
      • Banner Ad:
        • This ad will show an image on the Navigation Menu.
      • Survey Results Ad:
        • This ad will show an image on all Survey Results pages.
  • Conference Leads App:
    • Our Conference Leads app allows your exhibitors to capture leads throughout the conference, whether it’s on-site or online.
    • Attendees can request more information or appointments from each Exhibitor company, alerting any of your Exhibitors via the Conference Leads app.
    • Any Attendee that clicks on an Exhibitor’s ad will receive that Attendee’s information as a lead on their app.
    • At any point during the conference, an Exhibitor can quickly export all of the leads captures on the Conference Leads app.

With all of these features Conference Tracker offers, we are sure that you will be able to retain all of your Exhibitors and Sponsorship throughout your virtual conference transitions. We are always working on improving our features, so keep an eye out for more Exhibitor-focused updates!

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