Marketing your Event with Conference Tracker

28 July 2020

One of the most important aspects of setting up an event is marketing. Making sure that you are sending out enough information and emails can be a defining factor in how well your conference will perform. We understand how critical this planning step can be, so we have included a way to streamline your marketing through Conference Tracker by using its Contacts feature.  This article will show you how to do that.

Conference Tracker’s Contacts feature allows you to manage a list of potential attendees of your conference.  This could be your organization's members, attendees from past conferences, and/or any other list of potential attendees. Once you have added your list of marketable contacts, you can begin creating and scheduling emails to be sent out to them automatically. The emails are fully customizable, allowing you to add attachments and use keywords to personalize each email with your conference information.

Once you have added your list of marketable contacts, you can begin creating and scheduling emails to be sent out to them automatically.

Not only can you use contacts to market to potential Attendees, but you can also use this feature to create a separate email campaign targeted towards potential exhibitors/vendors. This allows you to craft different emails for your vendors to promote sponsorship opportunity, the exhibit space, and other aspects of your conference that are of interest to exhibitors.

Another benefit of managing your email marketing campaign through Conference Tracker is the built-in integration to your conference. Since you are handling your marketing emails through your event platform, all your potential registrants on your marketing list can be easily converted into actual attendees or exhibitors. The email sent to your Contacts can include a link to your Registration Form. When visited through this email, that Contact’s information will be automatically pre-filled in the Registration Form.  Not only would this save your contacts from typing this information in the registration form, but it also allows Conference Tracker to track and report on conversions  (how many users have registered through the email campaign).  Here is an example of the contacts conversion analytics provided by Conference Tracker:

Here you can see an example of your Contact Analytics.

Conference Tracker can also track how many users have registered through the email campaign, giving you easy to use analytics along the way.

As you can see, with this feature Conference Tracker can be your all-in-one solution for hosting your conference. The Contacts feature is just one of the many features Conference Tracker provides to help maximize your conference.

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