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Conferences and Events Management Systems

Our conference and event management system enables you to track attendance at your conference, event, exhibit, trade show, workshop or seminar. ConferenceTracker, a cloud-based system, utilizes Apple and Android devices to scan and track your attendees using your event badges. You’ll be able to design and print badges, distribute CEU certificates, facilitate attendee registration and payment processing, and manage your presenters and exhibitors details from an internet browser.

Our lead retrieval systems, ConferenceLeads, allows exhibitors the ability to easily capture sales leads from their phones or mobile devices with a simple scan of attendee badges. They can make qualifying notes and even schedule appointments through the app for follow-up.

The conference management suite does not stop there! ConferenceAttendee, an application that runs on Android and Apple devices, enhances your attendees overall experience, putting an extensive conference guide and event social networking tool in their hands.

For Organizers

Handles registration, badging, attendance, certificates, and more!

For Exhibitors

Scan attendee badges to get their contact information, and more!

For Attendees

Electronic conference guide on your phones, conference social network, and more!