Engineerica Conference Leads® – Quick Badge Scanner App Conference Leads Benefits to Event Organizers

Conference Leads Benefits to Event Organizers

Conference Leads offers many advantages to the event’s organizer including:

  • Competitive Advantage: Offer your exhibitors additional features to assist them in meeting their sales and marketing objectives by providing a fast, cost effective and efficient way to obtain information from potential customers at your show.
  • No Minimum Purchase Required.  No stress on whether you have enough exhibitors signing up for the event retrieval option.
  • Hassle Free.  Exhibitors will use their own smart phones to capture leads, so there is no hassle in handling barcode scanners and being responsible for loss or dammages.
  • Free: The lead retrieval system is paid for by the exhibitors.  There is no cost to the event organizer.
  • Profit Center: Set the exhibitor’s lead retrieval fee higher than what we charge to generate additional revenues for your show.
  • Exhibitor Registration Included: The system will allow your exhibitors to register online and even pay their registration fee via your PayPal account.  Of course if you prefer you can handle exhibitor registration with a different system.
  • Online ordering: You can allow exhibitors to order lead retrieval online.  You can also take the orders outside of this system and later upload exhibitor’s registration into the Conference Leads database.
  • Customized look: Add your conference graphical banner on the registration forms to brand it with your conference or organization’s logo.
  • Easy: No shipping, contracts, or device inventory needed.  Access instructions are emailed to the exhibitors by the system.
  • Exhibitor​ badges: Automatic exhibitor credentials creation is included with the system.  You can print using a template or email them out.
  • Bonus features: Sign up for Conference Leads and get access to our badge generator, exhibitor analytics, certificate generator and email broadcast feature at no additional cost.

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