Send Students Text Reminders and Announcements with Ease

28 September 2020

Students spend a lot of time on their cell phones, which makes texting a great way to reach them. There are many applications for SMS (text messaging) in the academic environment.  You may wish to send text reminders for in-person or virtual appointments, broadcast general announcements to your whole student body, or send a special message to specific people or groups. Perhaps you need to send a text alert to staff when students are waiting on them, let students know their advancement in a waiting line, or text reminders to return borrowed media.

You recognize texting enhances your communication strategies and engages your students on the device they always have with them: their smartphones. Automatic messaging or manual messaging options are available and we can outfit your AccuCampus or Accudemia account to handle any amount of SMS messaging you may need.

You recognize texting enhances your communication strategies and engages your students on the device they always have with them: their smartphones.

When you want to reach more students, we can provide:

  • Assigned sender phone numbers. These designated numbers will be fixed so that your students and staff will be able to recognize these texts are from your college.
  • As many text messages as you like. Each text has a nominal fee of approximately one cent per message.
  • Usage reports. You’ll be able to see the number of texts being sent.

Our Starter Pack includes set-up for this service, an exclusive texting phone number, reports access, and credit for 10,000 text messages for $299. Need more? Additional credit for texting is available in packs of 10,000 messages at $100.

Why Add Texting Functionality?

  1. Help reduce no-shows and optimize the utilization of staff time.
  2. Ensure students and staff know when, where, what, how, and why.
  3. Broadcast non-emergency announcements to the entire student population or a select subset.
  4. Engage students in a way they are most familiar… on their phones.

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