College-Wide Solutions

College-Wide Solutions

Our state-of-the-art college-wide solutions will help you to streamline your whole institution in your student success efforts and initiatives. AccuClass can be used to digitally track traditional classroom attendance, take a class poll, or monitor and send notifications for attendance issues at your school. AccuCampus is a cloud-based all-in-one system for tracking not just classroom attendance, but your event attendance, and center visits as well.

One challenge many institutions encounter when considering a tracking and retention system is finding something customizable for each service area. Often, the result is multiple systems and databases, keeping the area silos in place. The flexibility of AccuCampus will work for any department and break down existing data silos. You’ll be able to synergize your college-wide collaboration while ensuring valuable FTE and accreditation reporting. An institution-wide system that all students, faculty, staff, and administrators can access from any browser and mobile app, all while having assigned roles and permissions will put the power of success in your hands, and most importantly, in the hands of your students.


Cloud-based academic center management software

Student Retention

Track, engage, and retain your students

Class Attendance

Cloud-based student attendance tracking system