Track Classroom Attendance

AccuClass is a powerful system for automating attendance tracking in classrooms. The system has two primary components:

  • Attendance Data Collection Terminal: When students arrive in class, they simply swipe their student ID card to sign in. If the student does not have an ID card, you can allow them to key in their ID number instead. If you prefer, you can also call the roll and mark their attendance status: absent, present, tardy, etc.  The attendance data is uploaded from the terminal to the attendance database in the cloud.
  • Attendance Database software: The AccuClass software runs in the cloud and it analyzes attendance data to generate Excel reports.  You can log in to this software from anywhere with just a web browser.

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There are several ways in which you can use AccuClass:

  1. The instructor can use an Apple device (iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone) to call the roll and mark the attendance status.
  2. You can use a computer (PC or Mac) as an attendance data collection terminal.  Simply attach a reader on the computer to match your needs: Magnetic Strip reader, barcode reader, or RFID reader.
  3. You can permanently mount a device (Apple or Android) on the wall with the AccuClass app loaded on it in the classroom and use it to collect attendance data.  The device has a keypad on it and can also have a magnetic strip reader, a barcode reader, or an RFID reader. The Attendance Tracking Software provides you with the following attendance information report:

As you can see, the reports will show us the attendance status of each student in the class.  This includes a count of the times they were present, absent, excused, and tardy.