Thoughts on Software from an Engineerica Developer

11 November 2019

I will never forget when I heard this saying from one of the Montessori education followers: "The more the toy does, the less the kid does."

It has changed my way of being a father and even my thoughts about technological advances.

There is no doubt that technology has changed our behaviors and our ways of interacting with information and with each other. Unfortunately, at some level, when we incorporate software in all our activities we replace our abilities by machines. We are giving machines the ability to behave like human beings, but in that transformation, we are becoming more machine-like.

At Engineerica we believe that technology has to empower our capabilities, not replace them. We must use the software for mechanized processes and let us focus on the bigger picture, the things that constitute our lives. We have developed AccuCampus for people who want to teach or learn. By using AccuCampus institutions don't need to focus on how to manage attendance and they can concentrate on improving education.

"We believe that technology is here to help us, but it has to be used prudently"

With Conference Tracker attendees can join a conference with no worries about how to register or how to access the session materials. They will find everything centralized in our software.
We believe that technology is here to help us, but it has to be used prudently. It should free us from doing undesired and simple processes, but also let us take control and be involved in the things that make us grow as people.