NEW: Campus Communities

18 January 2017

We are excited to announce a new extension to Accudemia, AccuTrack, AccuSQL, and AccuCampus: The Communities. This feature provides a safe medium for your students to exchange goods and information and collaborate online.

The Communities are:

Students can exchange goods and information online. For example, students can ask other students about available academic services, how to pass a difficult course, or even take collaborative class notes!

Students posting on the site can do so without exposing their contact info. The site will mark the student as Verified, meaning that the student is confirmed to be a student at that college. If the exchange involves an exchange of goods, the students can meet on campus to conduct the transaction.

Even more exciting: Students will be able to interact with students from other colleges! For example, if an item your student is seeking is not available at your college, the site will show options from other colleges! This facilitates engagement across different colleges.

The Communities is offered as a free extension to your exciting Engineerica software. Neither the institution nor the students are charged any fees for using the service.


You can make the Communities feature available to your students in one of three ways:

(1) RECOMMENDED METHOD: You can subscribe all your students to the Communities and automatically verify them.  The system will email the students to let them know about the service.  To do this in Accudemia, sign in to your Accudemia account and click "Communities" in the menu. Learn how here:

For AccuTrack/AccuSQL, you can download a special utility that will add your students to the Communities and automatically verify them.  Contact us for a copy of this utility.

(2) MANUALLY: You can announce the service to your students outside of software. Simply explain what this service does and invite them to join the website. If they use their college email address, then the system will email them an activation link to verify them. The website address is:

(3) VIA SIGN-IN PROCESS: When students sign in to Accudemia: the software will offer to email the info about this new service. If they answer “Yes”, then an email invitation will be sent to the student. The students can then join the community and will get verified when they confirm their college email address. Learn more here:

AccuSQL Communities Guide

We hope that you will take advantage of this new capability in your software by making it available to your students.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


The Engineerica Team