Engineerica – April Products Update

10 April 2018

At Engineerica, we are constantly working to improve our products and services as we want to enrich your experience and provide you with best systems possible. This blog will give you brief updates on our current work.

AccuCampus Ignite

AccuCampus is built to Track, Engage and Retain students at your entire campus.

A couple of weeks ago we showcased AccuCampus at the League of Innovation conference in Maryland. This included a presentation with one of the AccuCampus clients and a 10-minute Ignite presentation. You can view the latter here

We’d love for you to take the challenge from our video and tell us your story.  Contact us today to learn how AccuCampus can help your institution.

Accudemia Update

A couple of months ago we sent out a survey to Accudemia users to find out what they would like to see improved in the software.  The response has been amazing with close to 350 users filling out the survey.  It took a few weeks to analyze the data and figure out a development plan for Accudemia.  Here are the highlights of this plan:

  • We are releasing the Accudemia upgrade in two phases.  The first phase will update the theme or look of the system, while the second phase will include additional improvements.
  • Phase I involves updating more than 250 project files and will take a total of two months development time and is planned for release at the end of this month.
  • Not only will Accudemia get a transforming facelift after Phase I, but it will also work on smaller screens including mobile devices like tablets and smart phones (with a responsive design).
  • In phase II we will implement the most popular user requests as learned from the survey and other user feedback.  This includes new scheduled reports functionality, better appointment scheduling interface, per-center terminology, and a lot more!

AccuTrack / AccuSQL 2019

AccuTrack/AccuSQL is the best tool for academic center management, and we are working hard to make it even better!

Recently we asked AccuTrack/AccuSQL users to complete a survey regarding improvements they want to see in the 2019 upgrade.  We recevied valuable feedback and our developers have already started incorporating.

A popular request is an update the look of the software. We’re a bit partial to the current design, so we’d love some suggestions of specific things we can change to improve the look of AccuTrack/AccuSQL. We invite you to email us your ideas.

Conference Tracker

Conference Tracker is a solution for any event planner looking to improve their event/conference and provide an enhanced experience for their attendees and exhibitors.

Our focus is on an update to the ConferenceAttendee app of Conference Tracker.  This app offers numerous benefits to attendees including:

  • A Conference Social Network where attendees can post comments, photos, and files during and after the event.
  • A Conference Guide so attendees have the session descriptions and schedule at their fingertips.
  • An Exhibit guide providing information about conference sponsors, exhibitors, and sales reps.
  • A Notes section for attendees to easily type notes regarding the sessions, speakers, and other important details they don’t want to forget.
  • Feedback Surveys giving attendees a place to rate sessions thereby giving the meeting planners valuable feedback for future event planning.
  • An Electronic Conference Pass for improving conference registration and entry processes.
  • And much more!

If you have an event or conference coming up, contact us for a complimentary walk-through of Conference Tracker.